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3 Legged Thing WINSTON 2.0 Carbon Fibre Tripod & AirHed Pro Ball Head (Bronze)


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3 Legged Thing WINSTON 2.0 Carbon Fibre Tripod & AirHed Pro Ball Head (Bronze)


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Tripod Max. Height Tripod Closed Height Tripod Weight Tripod Payload Capacity Low Level Option Build Material Leg Sections Built In Spirit Level
185.3cm 61.2cm 1.72kg 40kg Yes Carbon Fibre 3 Yes

  • 3 detachable legs that enable conversion to monopod, boom arm or table-top tripod
  • Knurled leg caps and collar for improved grip and leverage
  • Patented Tri-Mount plate for easier use, with hollowed spurs for clip on devices
  • D-Ring & Toolz assembly in place of traditional spring hook
  • 1/4" / 3/8" Screw foot, with multiple accessory options
  • Precision engineered leg lock system for greater stability and rigidity

Winston 2.0 is our most stable tripod yet. Resolute and steadfast under the most demanding of circumstances and built to carry heavy burdens to the end, Winston 2.0 lives up to his namesake as a rugged, stable and determined contributor. Powerful & functional, Winston 2.0 is a benchmark in tripod technology. Able to counterfold for transportation and with 3 detachable legs, Winston 2.0 is undeniably the most versatile three-section tripod in existence. Capable of holding 40kg / 88lb, Winston 2.0 is a robust workhorse.

Not one, not two, but three

Winston 2.0 is as versatile as his travel counterparts, this evolution of predecessor Winston features 3 detachable legs that double as camera or microphone booms. Alternatively all 3 legs can be detached with the addition of 3LT footwear, can be converted to a table-top tripod.

One small step for man

Winston 2.0 is our most stable tripod yet. Design for the purists among us, Winston is a huge leap forward in tripod technology, and one of the strongest tripods in the world today.

Optimised for heavy loads

Winston's unique construction allows for a multitude of set ups and configurations, to suit the needs of even the most niche applications.


All of our Pro Range 2.0 tripods have three detachable legs. Make one into a monopod by combining with the centre column, and use the others as booms for lights or microphones. Alternatively remove all three legs, add a set of tripod footwear, to create a compact table-top tripod.


For improved grip, we've knurled the knobs on our new AirHed Pro and Pro Lever, and added knurling to the caps on our Parallel Locks, and the column lock. This improves leverage ensuring users can tighten knobs and caps securely.


Pro Range 2.0 feature improved internals in our leg and column locks. A new style of Chicken Lips paired with two key lines in the legs ensure legs lock securely in place to create a rigid, stable base for any type of photography.


We've redesigned a number of elements on the new Pro Range 2.0, creating pleasing curves and rounded corners. Our patented Tri-mount plate is more contoured for ease of use, and the leg latches have a new design for ease of use, with a smooth open and locking action.

Counterfold Legs

Winston 2.0 is one of the only full size tripods in the world to feature counterfold legs, enabling the user to fold Winston into just 61cm / 24".

Max Load to Weight Ratio of 23:1

Winston 2.0 is capable of supporting loads up to 23 times his weight. With a 40kg payload, Winston is one of the strongest tripods in the world.

Knurled Knobs

Pro Range 2.0 tripods, including Winston now have Knurled caps on the leg locks, and column lock, as well as on the AirHed Pro available in Winston kits. The knurling creates a grippier surface enabling users to apply greater leverage when loosening or tightening.

Parallel Locking

3 Legged Thing's unique Parallel Locking system provides better leverage, and greater rigidity, without the hassle of accidental disassembly.

Multiple Mounting Points

Our patented Tri-Mount plate offers multiple threaded connections and three hollowed spurs for accessory attachments, and has refined contouring for ease of use.

A Range of Footwear

Winston 2.0 has detachable rubber Bootz, which can be replaced with any of our foot accessories, for maximum stability on any terrain.

AirHed Pro

Excessive Loads

The AirHed Pro is tested to top down loads of 40kg, giving it supreme stability and locking.

Twist and Shout

The detachable twist clamp can be mounted directly on to the Tri-mount plate for greater versatility when used as a tripod or converted to monopod.

Smooth Operator

The aerospace-grade magnesium alloy ball, coupled with our smooth locking mechanism makes operation easy and fluid.

Detachable Clamp

The twist clamp can also be removed from the AirHed and used on any 3/8" threaded device. The clamp includes security slots and a bubble level.

Powerful Locking

The AirHed Pro has a powerful locking mechanism, that is simple to use without requiring excessive force.

Product Reviews


I am very happy with my purchase, I used to own a big Manfrotto tripod and took it on landscape trips, the reason for me switching is the weight factor, this tripod is so light and sturdy I just wish I made the stitch sooner really. The twist grips are brilliant and make it super quick to extract and put away the legs. I also purchased the extra Vanz feet which allow it to be a mini tripod which is great and also the fact you can remove the legs fully and use it as a Monopod too makes this definitely worth it money. I use a Canon 5D MKIII with various Canon lenses and I can confidently say this has no problem with holding the weigh too. Super sturdy and in the field it’s the same up high in windy conditions. Couple of bad points to it, I’m being really picky, the feet that come with the tripod are quite small so when your out in the field you sometimes catch the twist grips on a rock etc but it means just unlocking and raising the bottom legs slightly or getting the extra feet. The other thing is when your getting it out and putting it away this looseneds the bolts at the top of the main legs but you have a tool that comes with the tripod to tighten. Nothing major but I thought I should share these tiny faults when using it. I would definitely recommend any landscape photographer this tripod

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