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The ultra-versatile VEO Range T 48 Tactical Backpack has an interior that can be adapted for almost any kit combination, making it an ideal companion for almost anyone, not just photographers. In addition, the exterior webbing can be configured to attach almost any kit for your trip. For example:

  • Pro Photographers – Set it up to hold a pro-DSLR and up to 9 lenses, with lenses up to 400mm f/2.8, and a 16” MacBook Pro.
  • Travel Photographers – Set it up to hold a travel tripod up to 45cm long inside the backpack, along with numerous lenses inside and disguise the fact that you’re carrying a valuable camera kit on your travels.
  • Birdwatchers – Set it up to hold a spotting scope inside with space that can be compartmentalised for other kit.
  • Hiking/Everyday Backpack – Simply remove the interior and use it as an everyday backpack

In addition to this versatility, the VEO Range T 48 Tactical Backpack has a lot more going for it:

  • Carry on – meets most airline on board size and form factor restrictions*
  • Easy access – Rear access to your camera/lenses, with fast side access to your camera
  • Holds a tripod – on the outside of the backpack using the removable foot pocket
  • Small daypack section – can be set up for everyday items or even more photography kit
  • Multiple pockets – for all the bits and pieces you need for your assignment
  • Comfortable – Well-padded ergonomic harness system and padded back with airflow
  • Always protected – well-padded all round
  • Easy open – with chunky textured zips that make it easy to open, even wearing gloves
  • Keep dry – high-quality water-resistant material with additional seam-sealed rain cover

Looking for a backpack that does almost everything? Then the VEO Range T 48 Tactical Backpack may be your perfect solution.

The 300 × 190 × 480mm (11 3/4 × 7 1/4 × 18 7/8 inches) interior will allow you to fit a pro DSLR/mirrorless camera with grip, up to 9 lenses, a flash unit, a 15" laptop (or 16” Macbook Pro), and multiple accessories such as memory cards, cables, batteries and a charger. However, this interior is completely customisable and can be set up take lenses up to 400mm f/2.8.

The top two internal dividers that are used to create a daypack section includes a “hinge” that allows them to be turned 90° which allows the full height of the backpack to be used without sacrificing

storage at the top. This is perfect for carrying a travel tripod or spotting scope safely inside the backpack, alongside other kit.

There is also a space divider that will fit across the backpack. This is designed to be used to offer extra support and protect the kit below being trapped when fully loaded above. For example, this can be used to set up the backpack for easier top access to a camera and long lens, without compromising the storage at the bottom of the bag (which could even be a space for personal items such as a jacket).

Alternatively, simply remove the interior dividers and you have a comfortable, every day or hiking backpack.

In addition to the versatile interior, the exterior has multiple webbing straps on the front and sides that can be used to attach other accessories. For example, you can attach the tripod foot pocket that comes as standard and, when used with the upper straps provided, which allows you to carry a tripod on the side, or on the front for better balance.

There are also multiple pockets for SD cards, cables and other accessories you may need for your shoot. This includes a pocket on each waist trap that keeps essentials close to hand, be it snacks or spare SD cards or camera batteries.

Full access to your camera and lenses is from the rear for maximum security on the go. Fully opened, this allows you to tailor the interior to your needs. For fast access to your camera on the go, it comes to set up for quick side access.

This backpack features chunky, textured zips that make them easy to grip and open, even in cold and wet conditions, or while wearing gloves.

Despite the versatility, with external dimensions of just 325 × 250 × 500mm (12 3/4 × 9 7/8 × 19 5/8 inches) and weighing 2.2kg (4.8lbs), this backpack is suitable for use as hand luggage in most major airlines, but we recommend you check Skyscanner for the latest information to make sure this bag classes as hand luggage in your preferred airline(s) as rules and regulations can change without warning.

The backpack also features a padded and comfortable shoulder harness system with an adjustable chest strap, top straps to pull the top in tight and a padded waist belt, and the padded back includes an airflow system. This allows you to carry heavier loads in comfort over extended periods, across the toughest terrain. This backpack also comes with a detachable bottle holder that can be attached to the webbing when needed for longer trips.

To protect your valuable kit from the lumps and bumps of real life, this backpack is well padded, with extra tall wheels and a reinforced base. To protect your kit from the damp it is manufactured with water-resistant material, but also includes a seam-sealed rain cover.

Choose your style as these backpacks are available in black, navy blue or stone.

For smaller DSLR/mirrorless kits and a more traditional interior setup, you can consider the VEO Range T 45M which can take up to 5 lenses and includes a removable daypack top section. This style is also available specifically for mirrorless camera kits in the VEO Range T 37M with a more compact profile, while still being able to take up to 5 lenses.

Explore your world with confidence, with the VEO Range T 48 Tactical Backpack!

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