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Ansmann Outdoor Powerbank PB212W


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Ansmann Outdoor Powerbank PB212W



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The ANSMANN Outdoor Powerbank - your robust companion for all adventures!

With a charge capacity of 10,000 mAh and an output power of 2.1 A, the compact powerpack is able to charge mobile devices several times. The sturdy yet slimline Powerbank is compatible with all standard USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, MP3 players, navigation units and many other devices that can be charged via USB. An LED lamp, a solar panel and a practical hanging loop for individual attachment are also integrated.

Charging smartphones etc.

Two devices can be charged simultaneously at the two USB-A ports. The output power of 10.5 W is distributed to the connected devices via a Smart IC chip. With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, common smartphones can be fully charged at least twice.

In addition, the Powerbank also has a wireless output. This is compatible with the Qi standard. Suitable Qi-compatible end devices can be conveniently charged with up to 5 Watts simply by placing them on the Powerbank.

The Powerbank is charged with a suitable charger at the USB-C input port with a fast 10 W (5 V / 2 A).

When not in use, the connections are protected against light splashes of water and dirt by a rubberised flap.

Sustainable use of sunlight

In good sunlight, the 250 mA solar panel can charge part of the battery and serves as a trickle charger. For intensive use, charging from the mains is recommended.

Helper in the dark

The 3 W LED lamp provides glare-free light with ca. 100 lumens for good orientation at close range, illumination of small rooms and areas or as an illuminated marker. A lighting duration of up to 12 h is possible thanks to the large capacity of the Powerbank.

Multi-Safe technology

The media constantly carries warnings about cheap products that start to burn or even explode without warning. You're on the safe side with ANSMANN. The integrated over-charging protection ensures that the Powerbank stops the charge process automatically once charging has been successfully completed. The deep discharge protection switches the Powerbank off as soon as the voltage of the Powerbank drops below a defined value when charging the connected device, thus preventing damage to both the rechargeable battery and the product. The short-circuit protection completes the safety functions and ensures maximum safety along with the automatic shut-off.

LED capacity display

The charge status indication can be activated with the push of a button enabling the current capacity to be reliably displayed in 25% steps via four integrated LEDs.

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