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Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Digital Bridge Camera


  • Screen Size: 3.0" Vari-Angle
  • Camera Zoom Range: 16x Optical Zoom
  • Sensor Size: 1.0" Sensor
  • Resolution: 16-20MP
  • 4K Movie
  • Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)
  • Multi-angle rear LCD screen

Product code: 19322 (5025232782499)

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Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Digital Bridge Camera


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Product Details

  • 20.1MP 1" High Sensitivity MOS Sensor
  • Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 16x Zoom Lens
  • 25-400mm f/2.8-4 (35mm Equivalent)
  • 4K QFHD Video Recording at 30 fps
  • 0.39" 2,359k-Dot OLED Live View Finder
  • 3.0" 921k-Dot Free-Angle LCD Monitor
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity with NFC
  • HYBRID O.I.S. 5-Axis Image Stabilization
  • Light Speed AF with Lumix DFD Focus
  • ISO 25600 and 50 fps Continuous Shooting

Featuring a stylish design, durable build and incorporating a fixed F2.8-4.0/25mm-400mm LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens, Panasonic’s new LUMIX FZ1000 is a statement camera that provides stunning image quality without the need for additional accessories and lenses. The LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 is also the world’s first[1] bridge camera offering 4K recording, for capturing breath-taking video content with four times the resolution of Full HD.

With an array of industry-leading specs and functions, the LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 is the ideal bridge between standard compact cameras and more complex, bulky DSLRs. Its 20.1 MP sensor gives outstanding results at the press of a button, without the need for complex set-up and settings. Combining performance, durability and practicality in a single package, the LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 makes it easy to pick up and capture amazing video and images every time – perfect if you’re on holiday, watching wildlife or simply enjoying a day out with the family.

The easiest way to capture 4K

For the first time, the beauty of Ultra HD 4K recording is now available on a compact camera, enabling you to create realistic and immersive cinematic worlds. The LUMIX DMC-FZ1000’s 4K recording capability, large sensor and bright LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens combine to create video quality that has to be seen to be believed. And with a range of high quality video outputs, footage can be transferred, edited and enjoyed quickly and conveniently. The LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 can also capture Full HD with superfast frame rates for smooth and seamless video – with so many video options available, the LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 has a solution for any filmmaking needs.

The LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 also includes a number of features that allow you to capture the highest quality video content without having to worry about carrying a range of accessories. An image stabilisation system helps to counteract any hand movement removing the need for a bulky tripod in the vast majority of situations and an integrated level-gauge and an easy to use zoom ring combine to further improve the ease of capturing stills and steady, shake-free video.

The best camera technology at your fingertips

An all-new sensor, redesigned Venus Engine and a stunning LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens combine to provide clarity and colour reproduction that brings images and video to life in vivid detail. The 20.1 MP sensor measures 1-inch, approximately four times larger the those found in the majority of compact cameras, enabling a bigger pixel size and greater light penetration. The result is bright and detailed pictures, even when used in low-light, such as a moonlit walk down the beach or a landscape at dusk.

The LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 also benefits from a wide-diameter LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens with 16x optical zoom, letting you get up close and personal without disturbing your subject or compromising on picture quality. Each lens goes though LEICA’s stringent testing, so whatever the scene in front of the camera, you can rest assured that every detail will be captured in breath-taking detail. Also, with the fixed lens’ 25-400mm versatility, the only camera equipment in your rucksack will be the LUMIX DMC-FZ1000, making those tricky vantage points that little bit easier to reach.

Panasonic has also upgraded its Venus Engine image processor, dramatically improving resolution and colour sensitivity for accurate and authentic pictures and video. The engine can also accentuate the most subtle elements of each frame – such as skin tone and hair – for the most natural finishes.

Express creativity and control

With high quality and robust design that accentuates the large-diameter LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens, alongside a superfast Auto Focus (AF) function, Panasonic’s latest LUMIX camera is the perfect companion for any adventure. When using the Live View Finder (LVF) the AF can focus images in just 0.09 seconds, so even the fastest moving objects – such as wildlife and live sport – can be captured with pinpoint accuracy and precision, all in the blink of an eye. The LUMIX FZ1000 also boasts a rapid burst shoot mode, so users will have multiple opportunities to catch that perfect picture every single second.

The LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 also incorporates crystal clear displays to make framing and reviewing images and video more enjoyable than ever. Both the OLED Live View Finder (LVF) and 3-inch LCD display offer have incredibly high resolution and minimal lag times, so you can be confident that the view on the screen is a spectacular as the one you’re about to capture.

An array of filters also allow you to give that perfect holiday photo an extra special finish. The LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 includes 22 different filters, from Sepia and High Dynamic to Soft Focus and Miniature Effect. And once you’ve created your masterpiece, the LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 has various connectivity options to share it with friends and family, even when you’re away from home. What’s more, with the use of a smartphone or tablet, users can remotely shoot both still images and video, as well as adjust zoom, focus and exposure.

Product Reviews

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Photography BLOG

Bridge cameras have often had a bit of a bad reputation in the past, but models such as those found in the FZ range make a lot of sense. They give you the flexibility of multiple focal lengths without the hassle of having to change (or indeed, carry) lenses around with you.

Trusted Reviews

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 is a high-quality bridge camera with great image quality for its class. It gets you that DSLR feel and a versatile 16x optical zoom without risking getting lured into spending thousands on lenses.

TechRadar UK

Although it's large for a bridge camera the FZ1000 has lots going for it including a versatile focal length range, a 1-inch sensor, raw and JPEG image recording and the ability to produce high quality images in many situations.

Lumix DMC-FZ1000: A stunning all-round talent, the Panasonic FZ1000 excels both indoors and out


The Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 is one of the cheapest 4K video recording devices available, and offers an array of impressive video features. However, if you don't want to record 4K video, and just want a camera capable of taking excellent photos, with a good zoom lens, then the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000...

A stunning all-rounder that’ll appeal to both enthusiasts and newbies

Photography BLOG

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 is a premium bridge camera for a premium price. And yet, for anyone who requires 4K-video shooting without the need to change lenses, the FZ1000 is a so far unique product within its bridge camera class.

Good Gear Guide

This is a camera for those of you who want a shooter than can perform well for both still shots and video recordings. It has a long zoom, plenty of speed, and can capture pictures with great clarity.


With excellent photo and video quality and a deep feature set, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 is the perfect mix if you want dSLR-like controls and better than point-and-shoot performance with the convenience of a single fixed lens.

DP Review

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 is a very impressive superzoom camera with an F2.8-4, 25-400mm lens and a one-inch sensor. Both photo and video quality are impressive, and support for 4K videos make the camera futureproof. The FZ1000 has a beautiful XGA EVF and a fully articulating LCD.

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I needed a capable everyday general purpose do it all camera. I bought an Panasonic FZ82. Large zoom, small sensor. not so good. I then bought the FZ1000 and the bigger sensor coupled with the shorter focal length is spot on.

Wilkinson Cameras

This seems to be a good quality piece of kit. I am a bummer so still playing around with the basics. I wanted this to photograph wildlife moths and butterflies seems to do the job good zoom. Don't think I will ever use all the possibilities with this camera it seems to do everything!

Wex Photo Video

I'm used to carrying a professional camera and a bag full of pro lenses, but my wife decided that I should get a Bridge camera for times when we are just out for a walk, or on occasions when photography is not the prime reason for our visit to a place.

Clifton Cameras

I'm used to carrying a professional camera and a bag full of pro lenses, but my wife decided that I should get a Bridge camera for times when we are just out for a walk, or on occasions when photography is not the prime reason for our visit to a place.

Castle Cameras

Great camera, great advice from the shop. I am vlogging, its principal use. However, I have soon been seduced into taking photos especially of insects using the macro. Fantastic.


Great versatile camera in many situations but bear in mind this camera is more of a street camera than a landscape camera ---F stop only to F8. Excellent viewfinder on par with Fuji X-T1 in my opinion .Menu can be confusing sometimes as some settings can be disabled without knowing you have done...


This camera is perfect to learn and practise photography and has an excellent price-quality ratio


great camera , lots of features , crisp sharp detail, no having to carry lots of lenses and risk dirt on sensors , brilliant

UK Digital

I read loads of info on bridge cameras and I wasn't disappointed with the lumix fz1000. It was brought out 5 years ago, but the technology is great and the price is now what I can afford. I took it out today. As a novice with a camera I wanted to put it through its paces.

Have now used the camera a few times and I am very pleased with the pictures... Still have a lot to learn about the different settings...

Excellent quality results. Menus easy to understand and use. Good zoom, light and easy to handle. Excellent bright viewfinder.

I just got back into photography & I wanted a camera to get used to taking photos again! I'm blown away by the features, settings & performance of this camera. The 4K video is amazing too & being able to grab stills from the video is awesome! This is an amazing camera! I've yet to fully discover the potential of this camera but I'm looking forward to my photography journey with my new camera! I highly recommend the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 for anyone looking for a great camera!

The zoom on it is great the picture you see through the view finder is very good I also like the on off switch as it is off when you switch it off not like push buttons ones .the photos are very clear the buttons are mostly out of the way and the hold on the camera is good.

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