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Canon BG-E22 Battery Grip for EOS R


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Canon BG-E22 Battery Grip for EOS R


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Enjoy longer shooting times and improved control in vertical orientation with the Canon BG-E22 Battery Grip for your EOS R mirrorless digital camera. Able to hold up to two LP-E6/LP-E6N lithium-ion batteries, this grip will effectively double your shooting time.

Also, it features vertically-positioned controls, including a shutter release button, that will provide comfortable, intuitive operation. The battery grip has a durable construction to match that of the EOS R and is both dust- and water-resistant.

Product Reviews

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I have found the Canon BG-E22 Battery Grip to be very ergonomic. It doesnt add to much bulk or weight to the camera, in fact it helps with balance when using larger EF lenses, but hasnt been a hinderance when used with the R 24-105mm.

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It is very nice to not have to recharge the batteries so frequently, using the battery grip. It seems they last longer too (the grip lasts much longer than two individual batteries.....may be in my mind, but it seems so). The grip is solid and its nice to have the controls on it too.

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When I switched from my 5D Mark IV to the EOS R, i thought that it was extremely lightweight, to an extent that it was really uncomfortable for me to use because generally all the balance went to the lens. This battery grip solved that problem, the camera now feels great in my hand.

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Have used it for a week. Used during super wolf moon eclipse at 12 degrees. Kept me taking images for 2 hrs.

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Im able to shoot entire 8 hour weddings and still have at LEAST half power with this grip. Its a must have!!

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When I got my EOS R body with its kit 24-105L lens, I felt that the lens was so big and heavy that it was really not in proportion to the R, which as a mirrorless is smaller and lighter than a DSLR. The camera felt out-of-balance and uncomfortable to hold without this grip.

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But not like the other canon grips this is cheaply made.

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Comfortable in my hands since I am already used to shooting with my 1DXii. Dual battery life is awesome.

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The grip was so good, the handling is amazing. Glad to have it!

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I use the R with big glass. The body is OK on its own but this grip makes it perfect. Was not willing to do it at $499 but when the price dropped to $399 I could not resist. So glad I did. Feels just right in the hands with the big lenses on. Evens out the weight.

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