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When you need to light up the finest of details, then this will not let you down. Powerful, quick refresh time, and connectivity with other Speedlites make this the one to go for

Canon Macro Twin Light MT-26EX-RT


  • Fitting: Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II

Product code: 85232 (4549292102895)

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Canon Macro Twin Light MT-26EX-RT


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Product Details

Capture macro and close-up images full of detail thanks to a powerful, precise and highly flexible twin flash system that recycles quickly and silently for the creative lighting of small subjects where maximum control over light power and direction is essential.

  • Powerful and flexible twin flash unit with fast recycling
  • High-brightness white LEDs for easy focusing in low-light
  • Optical and Radio Wireless function to control other Speedlites
  • Creative lighting and custom functions for tailored illumination
  • Intuitive flash control and optimised usability in the field

Guide No: 26 (ISO 100Metres)

The twin light design allows each flash to be individually positioned on the lens ring and the angle altered to suit the subject. Each flash is full removable with tripod sockets on each for mounting to external supports such as tripods or lighting stands if required. A powerful combined guide number of 26/78 (ISO 100 in metres/feet) means the unit is highly usable in a wide variety of situations.

Adjustable LEDs

High luminance white LEDs are built into both flash units, with adjustable brightness, to allow easier focusing and modelling before the flash is fired. The focusing lamps can be turned on by a double depression of the camera shutter button and remain on for 20 or 60secs depending on preference.

Wireless Controls

Use the flash as the master unit and operate other Speedlites remotely using either optical or radio wireless control. All controls and custom functions are controllable from either the camera’s LCD or the flash, with the latter featuring a dot matrix display for the same degree of usability as other latest Canon Speedlites.

Custom Preferences

Take control of macro lighting and control shadow harshness with the special flash diffuser and assign custom preferences to control various aspects of the flash performance such as focusing lamp brightness, LCD panel display illumination or flash intensity.

Sturdy & Intuitive

Intuitive operation using the same controls as other Speedlite flash units gives this flash a high usability factor. A sturdy metal mounting foot, with a one-touch lockable lever, secures the unit to the camera safely and efficiently while a slanted design stops forehead intrusion when working at close range.

Product Reviews

Clifton Cameras

I got this flash a year ago, I have used it extensively with macro photography, the possibilities to have two flash at the tip of the lens makes macro photography a whole new world bringing emotions to a picture. I can deliver light from a horizontal position onto a face and give a mood of terror.

B&H Photo

Easy to buy on the website, delivered on the right time and quality product.

B&H Photo

Very nice Flash.

B&H Photo

Packaging: same Canon box, comes with pouch with small tab of velcro closure instead of the run around zipper of the MT 24. Access is quick with the velcro tab, but the pouch is less secure when closed. Pouch will go on the closet anyway, so does not matter.

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A powerful and adaptable macro twin flash for superb close-up illumination.

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