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Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Batteries

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With every extra megapixel and enhanced LCD display, the latest digital cameras demand even more from their batteries. The world´s longest lasting AAA battery in high-tech devices, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium, gives you the freedom to shoot with your digital camera until you decide it´s time to stop the action.2

It lasts up to 8 times longer in energy hungry high-drain digital cameras than an Energizer standard alkaline battery. In high-drain digital cameras, that´s the equivalent of up to 210 photos (results vary by camera).

You´ll also notice the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA difference in your MP3 player, which will keep you rockin´ for up to 5.5 hours longer than an Energizer standard alkaline battery.

If you´re into adventure, not only is the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA designed to deliver ultimate performance in extreme conditions (from -40°C to +60°C). It´s also one of the lightest batteries available available (33% lighter than the alkaline battery), which can make all the difference when every gramme coun

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