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Lume RGB Panel Pro 2.0 LED Light Panel


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Lume RGB Panel Pro 2.0 LED Light Panel


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The RGB Panel Pro 2.0 is the brightest and most durable panel we offer and perfect for on-camera use, as an extra fill light, or easily hidden in a scene to bring your latest creation to life. Featuring a full spectrum of RGB color options enhanced with a versatile color picker application and seven pre-programmed special effects, all easily controlled via the Lume Control app. With an impressive 595 Lumen output and a 96+ CRI, the RGB Panel Pro 2.0 delivers stunning, high-quality lighting to elevate any shoot. Plus, the panel's convenient power bank feature ensures that your electronic devices stay charged no matter where you are.

All The Colors

Unleash your creative vision with an expansive palette of over 16 million color options, allowing you to effortlessly transform the mood of your photo or video shoot

Lume Control App

Experience complete control over your lighting with the intuitive Lume Control App, featuring a convenient color picker for effortless customization

Create WithConfidence

Embrace the unexpected with the durable design of a one-piece aluminum housing

Power For Hours

Rechargeable battery provides up to 4 hours at 50% power and 2 hours at 100%, with an automatic Dynamic Run Time feature that estimates battery life according to your settings

  • Panel Pro 2.0 vs. Original Panel Pro - 11% brighter bi-color | 400% brighter RGB | 10% more Lumens | 96+ CRI vs. 90+ CRI | 20% longer battery life | wider temperature range 2700K - 7500K vs. 3200 - 5600K | new green/magenta tint control | more durable design | built-in power bank | brand new app
  • Dimensions - 6" (width) x 3.14" (height) x .43" (depth)
  • Full Spectrum RGB Colors - Over 16 million color options, allowing you to transform any photo or video shoot effortlessly
  • 204 LEDs - Powerful high-quality LED lights
  • 2700K - 7500K Color Temperature - Set the mood or maintain true-to-life skin tones in any environment
  • 835 lux at .5 meters - Ensures well-lit, detailed shots with enhanced clarity and definition
  • 595 Lumens - Provides the optimal level of brightness to illuminate you or your subject in unpredictable lighting conditions
  • 96+ CRI Rating - Impeccable color accuracy ensures that you or your subject appear natural and vibrant
  • Lume Control App - Bluetooth control of your Panel Pro 2.0, including a Photo Eyedropper to match your light to any color with one touch.
  • Pre-Programmed Special Effects - Seven pre-programmed special effects, with ten stepless speed settings for each
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery - Up to 4 hours at 50% power and 2 hours at 100% power
  • Dynamic Run Time Updates - Battery run time will automatically update as you change settings
  • Camera Mount - Compatible with Nikon / Sony / Canon / Fuji / Panasonic DSLR cameras
  • Diffusion Lens (Included) - To soften your light and add dimension
  • Power Bank Functionality - 16.72 Wh Battery Capacity with a 12.54 Wh Output can charge an iPhone Pro Max ~ 0.8 times (up to about 80%) or a regular iPhone ~1 full charge

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