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With improved Autofocus Control, enhanced Video Functions and the fourth generation 26.1 Million Pixels X-Trans CMOS 4 Sensor, this camera is designed to deliver the perfect results

Fujifilm X-T30 Mirrorless Camera Body (Black)


  • New Or Secondhand: New
  • Screen Size: 3.0" Vari-Angle
  • Fitting: Fujifilm X
  • Sensor Size: APS-C Sensor
  • Resolution: 26-30MP
  • 4K Movie
  • Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)

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Product Details

  • 26.1Million Pixels X-Trans CMOS 4 Sensor
  • X-Processor 4
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • 4K/30P Video Functionality
  • Film Simulation Modes
  • 3.0” Vari-Angle LCD
  • 2.36Million Dots OLD Electronic ViewFinder
  • New AutoFocus System
  • ISO: 160 – 12,800 (51,200 Extended)
  • Up to 30FPS Continuous Shooting
  • WiFi, Bluetooth & GeoTagging

The X-T30 is equipped with a host of new functions, making it a small yet powerful companion for any photographer.  It offers outstanding performance, utilizing the 4th Generation image sensor and processor which also includes 26.1 megapixel resolution and fast high-performance AF.  In addition, phase detection pixels are now across the entire frame (100%). Other advanced features include a Focus Lever for shifting a focus point easily, a new intuitive touch-screen panel with improved response, and an improved body design that has offers better holding stability to ensure comfortable shooting even with larger lenses.

The AF algorithm has been improved from that used in the renowned FUJIFILM X-T3 to deliver even more advanced AF-tracking performance. This includes enhanced accuracy in face / eye detection and the introduction of a Face Select function to provide priority auto-focus on a selected subject.

This evolution of AF performance is available not only with still photos but also during video filming. Improved exposure stability during face / eye AF and face recognition in the AF-C (continuous AF) mode adds to ease of use. Video performance itself has also been enhanced, offering high-resolution audio recording and smooth 4K/30P video recording.

As a result, the camera appeals to a broader range of users from professional photographers to first time beginners, by being always able to deliver premium quality pictures with ease, regardless of experience.

Compact and lightweight camera body, designed for comfort with advanced handling

The compact and lightweight camera body, weighing just 383g, is designed for enhanced stability when holding the camera. The use of the Focus Lever, replacing the Selector Buttons, allows for extra grip space at the rear for added comfort.

The rear LCD monitor is thinner by 1.3mm and offers improved touchscreen response. It complements the Focus Lever to achieve faster and more intuitive camera operation.

The X-T30 features the 4th generation image sensor, X Trans CMOS 4, and image processing engine, X Processor 4

Despite its compact and lightweight body, the camera has 26.1 megapixel resolution, one of the highest among APS-C sensor digital cameras, as well as exceptional low noise performance and outstanding colour reproduction. The lowest native sensitivity is ISO 160, previously only available as extended ISO, is now available when shooting RAW.

FUJIFILM’s exclusive Film Simulations now include ETERNA mode. This camera also incorporates numerous shooting functions that broaden your ability to customize your pictures, such as “monochrome adjustments” available for ACROS and Monochrome, and “Colour Chrome” effect that produces deeper colours and gradations.

New AF system that is great in low light conditions and when tracking fast-moving subjects

The number of phase detection pixels on the X-Trans CMOS 4 image sensor has been increased to 2.16 million, about 4 times that of X-Trans CMOS 3 models. The on-sensor phase detection AF area now covers the entire frame (approx. 100%), making it possible to quickly and accurately focus on a subject anywhere in the frame.

The low light limit for phase detection AF has been expanded from +0.5EV to -3EV, making it possible to autofocus in very poor lighting such as at night or under dim light, such as candles.

Combined with the X-T3, X-T30 boasts the best AF performance and functionality of any X Series camera, combining fast image processing with the X-Processor 4 engine and AF algorithm enhancement to boost accuracy in face / eye detection. The Face Select function has been also introduced to provide priority autofocus on a selected person when multiple faces have been detected within a frame.

The performance of the Advanced SR Auto mode has been improved in line with the enhancement of the camera’s AF performance. In this mode, the camera automatically chooses the optimum shooting settings for a given scene from 58 presets, so you can achieve the best image quality without having to worry about any of the settings.

Enhanced video functionality

The X-T30 has more advanced 4K/30P video functionality, ability to record high resolution audio without requiring additional equipment and eye tracking functionality during video recording.  The X-T30 records in 6K (6240x3510) to produce stunning quality in 4K (3810x2160). The camera also supports the DCI format (17:9), which gives an even more cinematic look to your videos.

The Film Simulation modes can be applied not only when shooting stills but also while recording video, including the “ETERNA” motion picture emulator.  4K/30P video can be recorded at 4:2:0 8bit to an SD card. F-log recording and 4:2:2 10bit via the HDMI port capabilities means the camera can record video suitable for more serious videographers

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Image quality, Lightweight, Compact, Features, Good value for money

This is a camera that the less experienced might be a little daunted by at first, yet will be able to grow into. Though it might not be a top-of-the-range X series model – in fact with the recent launch of the X-S10 it sits somewhere in the middle of the manufacturer’s line up – the feature set and...

Trusted Reviews

Like the Fujifilm X-T20 it replaces, the X-T30 isn’t significantly bigger or heavier than a premium compact camera, weighing just 383g including the battery. In fact, aside from marginally inferior burst shooting and video performance, it’s like a X-T3 that’s been blasted by a Shrink Ray.

TechRadar UK

Fujifilm has got plenty right here: a tough body, sound AF performance, great image quality straight out of the camera and lovely 4K videos, and all for a very reasonable price. We have some reservations around operation and the electronic viewfinder, but there's far more here to love than to be...

Photography BLOG

Fujifilm have once again hit a home run with the launch of the X-T30. As the successor to their best-selling camera ever, the X-T20, this new version has a lot to live up to, but thankfully there's lots to like and little to complain about, something that we've repeatedly said about almost all...


The Fujifilm X-T30 offers the same 26mp BSI CMOS image sensor, and image processor, from its bigger brother, the X-T3 , meaning you get the same excellent image quality, at a much more wallet-friendly price.

Pitching itself as an “X-T3 Lite”, the X-T30 distils almost everything from its big brother into a smaller, lighter and cheaper body

Versatile, compact, powerful, stylish and not insanely expensive – Fuji’s all-rounder really is a little wonder

Amateur Photographer

The X-T30 packs a serious punch for its size, but is it the ultimate mirrorless camera for under £1000?

Tech Guide

Marry the X-T30 with a Lumix OIS zoom lens and you have a well-featured, small form APS-C camera with very good performance or a very useful partner to an X-T3.


The X-T30 is a big improvement on its predecessor and for many photographers could be a viable alternative to the more expensive X-T3 , which is almost twice its price. But you miss out on the weatherproofing, there’s only one SD slot and it’s in the battery compartment, where it’s a tight fit.

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I have had this camera now for nearly 2 years. I still love it's features and performance. I have not wanted to upgrade as yet, as I am unsure as to what can be gained. My time for photography is limited, as my husband is disabled and I am his full time carer, but we go out as much as possible and...


Camera looks great, film simulations are fun, both In camera and in lightroom. Lots of features, lens is sharp enough for enthusiasts. Battery life in boost mode around 300 shots. EVF is really good.

Wilkinson Cameras

This camera received a lot of hype and having been using it for a fortnight the hype is justified. Above all it is small, straight forward to use, and the pictures using just the kit 15-45mm lens are really sharp. I would say it is a better camera than the Nikon APS C that I have been using.

Wex Photo Video

Excellent camera and lens, a lot to learn, however you can pick it up and start taking quality photos straight away.

Clifton Cameras

This is my third X series camera after an XE1 and XT1. I like the focus lever instead of a D pad even though the position is a bit awkward. The Q button is very easy to press accidentally so I have set it to 'none' and re-assigned the AE-L button to Q.


Fantastic camera for anyone first getting into a mirrorless system, easy to use and really light. Has loads of features from the more expensive Fuji range and is a great all rounder, highly recommended.

Clifton Cameras

A nice camera fully featured good autofocus good price point but unfortunately am returning as dust has got behind the sensor

I've used various Fuji-X cameras before including the X-T1 and have been impressed by the image quality of Fuji lenses. The X-T30 focuses significantly fast then the X-T1 and is similarly a nice camera to use. It is also significantly lighter and slightly smaller. I wasn't sure whether to buy this or the X-T3, but in the end decided the lower weight was more important than the weather-proofing etc. Double cashback made it considerably more affordable.

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A compact and lightweight mirrorless camera - a mini X-T3

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