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Nikon 50mm f1.8 S Nikkor Z Lens & Kenko Macro Extension Tube Set


  • New Or Secondhand: New
  • Lens is suitable for: Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless (Z)
  • Fitting: Nikon Z
  • Standard PRIME
  • Macro
  • Filter Size: 62mm

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Product Details

  • Z-Mount Lens/FX Format
  • Aperture Range: f/1.8 to f/16
  • Two ED and Two Aspherical Elements
  • Nano Crystal & Super Integrated Coatings
  • Stepping Motor AF System
  • Programmable Control Ring
  • Weather-Sealed Construction
  • Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm

Open up the light

The ultra-wide Nikon Z mount enables your NIKKOR Z lens to capture more light across the entire frame. Combined with the short distance between mount and sensor, light fall off at the edges of the frame is significantly reduced. The result is new possibilities for detail and nuance—all the way to the edge.

Create widely. Focus freely.

The NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S performs brilliantly when you shoot with available light. Combined with tack-sharp focus and a close focusing distance of just 0.4 m, you can work your kind of natural. Capture your subject along with part of the surrounding environment. Or focus closer for a detailed head and shoulder shot.

Unwavering precision

True to life. Open to light. The superior resolving power of this lens ensures peripheral light falloff is controlled to retain brightness across the frame. Every component of a scene is perfectly reproduced—even when you shoot wide open.


Superior reproduction of point light sources, such as streetlights at night, is achieved by minimising sagittal coma flare. Point light sources appear as fine rounded points, even at the edges of the image.


Two ED glass elements and two aspherical lens elements ensure crisp, brilliant images with rich colour and deep contrast.


Nikon’s anti-reflective Nano Crystal Coat reduces ghosting and flare for greater image clarity, even in backlit conditions. Or when shooting scenes with numerous direct light sources in the frame.

Artistry at any distance

Smooth bokeh. Spectacular sharpness. Combined with the nuanced shadows and detailed highlights achieved by your Nikon Z camera, you can create images with an incredible sense of depth.

Exquisite bokeh

The f/1.8 aperture and rounded 9-blade diaphragm enable creamy, natural-looking bokeh. Highlights are reproduced as gentle points. You get beautifully smooth results, even if you stop the aperture down a little.

Artistry at any distance

The lens’ multi-focusing system ensures your area of focus is rendered sharply, even when shooting at close distances. Highlights are reproduced as gentle points.

Image driven

The NIKKOR Z multi-focusing system and multiple AF drives ensure focusing is incredibly precise, ultra-smooth and practically silent. Making this lens ideal for movies as well as stills.

Your angle

High-speed, large-capacity data transfer between lens and camera enables superb distortion compensation for incredible edge-to-edge sharpness.

Always precise

Floating lens elements ensure precise focus at close distances. An electromagnetic diaphragm ensures precise exposures during high-speed bursts.

Any light

This lens uses in-camera Vibration Reduction to let you shoot at shutter speeds up to five stops slower than otherwise possible. Capture clearer photos as daylight fades or film scenes without the unwanted effects of camera shake.

Take control

The wide, knurled control ring allows beautifully exact, intuitive operation. When shooting in AF mode, you can assign ISO or exposure-compensation settings to the control ring. When shooting in Manual Focus, the control ring can be used as a focus ring. Focus shifts according to how quickly or slowly you turn the ring, making precision work and filming close-ups easier.

Pitch-perfect performance

Faces full of beauty. The truth in a hidden look. Show more and tell more with a lens that’s built for shooting exceptional full-frame video footage.

Quiet on set

The near-silent stepping motor allows the quietest moments to deliver full emotional impact. And with a silent control ring that lets you pull focus with absolute precision, nothing will distract from your tensest scenes.


Focus breathing is all but eliminated, enabling reliable composition of expressive shots. Smooth, stable aperture control delivers natural exposure changes throughout the scene.


Get out there. Every movable part of the lens barrel is sealed to protect from dust and water droplets. A fluorine coating actively repels water, dust, and dirt without compromising image quality.

Kenko Extension Tube Set

By placing one or both of them between your existing lens and the camera body, Kenko Extension Tubes conveniently turn a standard lens into a macro lens! This makes it possible to take pictures much closer to the subject than the normal minimum focusing distance allowed by the lens.

Consisting of two metal tubes in 10mm and 16mm lengths, this Kenko Extension Tube Set is compatible with Nikon Z-series (Z-mount) full-frame and APS-C sensor mirrorless camera systems.
  • Supports full-frame sensors
  • Tubes can be used singularly or together
  • Each extension tube is equipped with electrical contacts for communication between camera and lens
  • Fully-automatic aperture diaphragm coupling
  • Maintains TTL metering
  • AF operation is possible, but as the depth of focus is very small, switching to manual focus is advised
  • The length of extension tubes used should be less than the focal length of the lens
  • Not designed to be used with mount adapters or teleconverters. Doing so could damage the lens or camera

Product Reviews

Solid, Bokeh, Super sharp, Ghosting, Glare

Of course you can still complain about the price while remembering fondly the times when 1.8/50 Nikon models could be purchased for less than $150. Still these were, both optically and mechanically, much simpler constructions which offered also lower image quality and poorer standard equipment.

Photography BLOG

The Nikon Z 50mm f/1.8 S is something of a no-brainer if you don't have a 50mm lens for your new Nikon Z6/Z7 camera, and well worth considering even if you do already have a 50mm DSLR lens.

DP Review

The Nikon Z 50mm F1.8 S is a powerful standard lens for the Z system, offering outstanding sharpness and full-aperture performance. There are better 50mm lenses on the market for portraiture, but none that are sharper or so well-corrected for coma and longitudinal chromatic aberration when shot wide...

Steve's Digicams

What We Love. Objectively, the Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.8 S is a fantastic lens. Among the three lenses that Nikon rolled out alongside its mirrorless bodies, the Nikon Z7 and Z6 , this 50mm contender is proof enough that the manufacturer is off to a great start with its Z-mount series.

PC Magazine

The Nikon Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.8 S is a bright, sharp, fast-focusing standard prime lens for Z mirrorless cameras, and a serious value for the price.

Camera Labs

The Nikon Z 50mm f1.8S is a very good standard prime lens for owners of Z-series mirrorless bodies: its optical performance is right up there with the much heavier and more expensive Zeiss 55mm f1.4 Otus including longitudinal color aberrations - which is no small feat.

Photography Life

Nikon has been cranking out one gem after another with the Z-series lenses. Aside from the somewhat polarizing 14-30mm f/4, which we still praised at Photography Life (and bought for our personal travel photography use), each one has really knocked it out of the park.

Digital Camera World

Nikon’s new Z mount has paved the way for lenses that set new benchmarks for optical quality. In focal length terms the Z 50mm f/1.8 S prime may be ‘standard’, however in every other respect this lens is anything but.

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SRS Microsystems

Bought this lens after seeing the reviews of how well it performed compared to the F mount 50mm f1.8 G which was not as good as the 50mm 1.8 E on a D800. Initial photographs were not too clear using wide AF, changed to single point, with that have the focus, but zooming in 50% the image is not as...

Clifton Cameras
Clifton Cameras

Aa a landscape and product photographer who highly values image sharpness and detail, I find the 50 f/1.8 Nikkor S to be the sharpest lens I've used in over 45 years in photography! I am extremely pleased with the Nikon Z System, with the Z7 and several stellar Nikkor S lenses.

Imaging Resource

Sometimes it is good to shoot with a prime, to reduce depth of field more than you can with a zoom. Mainly used it for landscapes and city scapes so far, and been impressed with the results.

B&H Photo

As a full time advertising and editorial photographer for the past 30 years, I have been well acquainted with and have owned a number of Nikon (and other brand) 50mm lenses. Many of them have been good to really good but never quite hitting Zeiss Otus or Leica good.until now.


Aa a landscape and product photographer who highly values image sharpness and detail, I find the 50 f/1.8 Nikkor S to be the sharpest lens I've used in over 45 years in photography! I am extremely pleased with the Nikon Z System, with the Z7 and several stellar Nikkor S lenses.

ABT Electronics

Excellent lens by Nikon. Photos so far are superb. Because of the pandemic there have been fewer opportunities to use it yet. It is the first prime lens I’ve purchased for the Nikon Z6. I plan to use it a lot for indoor parties and like events.


For a trip to Minneapolis I carried only the 50 1.8 as a test of its capabilities and my skills. The Z6 and this lens produced stunning results. I was a sort of "street photographer" in the Mall and challenged the no-zoom of the lens with some shots I knew I would have to crop to get the detail I...

B&H Photo

I was pleasantly surprised at the sharpness and detail this lens captures on my Z6. It is also relatively sharp to the edges and corners at all stops. I like the rendition of the lens. I know rendition is a personal preference thing. I compared it to my 24-70mm f4 S.

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