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Want to capture that perfect image without having to get a new camera? Here is the perfect answer

Kodak Fun Flash Single Use Camera


  • Sensor Size: 35mm Single Use Camera

Product code: 115499 (5011373920944)

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Kodak Fun Flash Single Use Camera


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Product Details

  • 39 Exposure
  • Built In Flash
  • Loaded with Kodak Gold 400 ISO Silm

This Kodak 35mm One-Time-Use Disposable Camera with Flash comes pre-loaded with Kodak Gold ISO-400 speed film. It features a built-in manual flash, which can be used to light up the scene when more light is required. Lightweight and compact, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Kodak Gold 400 film is ideal for low-lit situations, and produces consistently bright, vibrant colours across a wide range of lighting conditions. It provides accurate skin-tone reproduction for natural-looking "people pictures."

Product Reviews

B&H Photo

I've used these disposable cameras in the past and I'm a huge fan. I don't rely on them to take the best pictures, but there's something so cool about the look and feel of physical pictures, especially when everything is so digital nowadays.

B&H Photo

Honestly, the range and latitude of this 800 speed color film is unmatched by digital. Scans are untouched. I absolutely love this film. This camera is the perfect travel companion for the savvy photographer who understands the beauty of point and shoot. Fits in the pocket.

B&H Photo

Came in quick and for an amazing rating! Will be ordering again soon!

B&H Photo

Great one time use camera, remember to recycle the plastic body!

B&H Photo

Needed tons of these camera for a graduate-student-level project. Can't complain. If I could have used digital cameras, I would. This was the next best thing.

B&H Photo

The package came quickly, and even though I havent developed any photos yet, I love the camera so far!

B&H Photo

It's straightforward and easy to use, and it brings back the visceral pleasure of delayed gratification in waiting until the entire roll of film is used up and developed before seeing the results. I just wish it came with a prepaid developer.

B&H Photo

easy to carry and use on vacations


The Kodak FunSaver Single Use Camera is a disposable camera that can be used once and that's it. They can be found in both big super centers and regular convenience and drug stores.

B&H Photo

We bought these disposible cameras to add to the tables at our wedding. they were a great price, and we got a lot of candid shots.

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