I'm sure you'll agree that Rosie looks very pleased with her winning camera.  Congratulations Rosie.

We're thrilled that Rosie has already had the opportunity to try out her new camera and this is what she says.

"As a keen photographer I was so excited to win the Canon 70D. I've owned the 60D for the past 4 years and it's been a great camera, but the 70D completely blows it out of the water! Upgrades like the touch screen and wifi capabilities are handy but my favourite thing about the 70D is the hugely improved autofocus: it's so much smoother, quieter and quicker than the 60D and best of all it works while videoing. This means you can move the camera while filming and everything stays clear and perfectly in focus. It makes it so much easier to get a really great video.

I have 4 other lenses but the 18-135mm kit lens that came with the camera is now my absolute favourite! It's the perfect walk-about lens and consistently gives a really crisp image."

I have to say its an absolute pleasure to have given this camera to Rosie who is so pleased with her win and promises to send us pictures from her travels with her new prized camera.

Remember if you didn't win, but you still want one, you can get an extra £25 off if you order before 22 June using voucher code CW70D plus £100 cashback from Canon.

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