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The Photographer Behind the Counter with... Hannah

CameraWorld have a crack team of experts who are keen photographers themselves so we thought you may enjoy getting to know the team and their cameras! This is the first in a series of interviews allowing you guys to get to know the photographer behind the counter.


Hannah Ewen from the Chelmsford store

We start with Hannah from our Chelmsford store. Hannah is one of our newest team members and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she brings to the team.


What was your FIRST camera?

My first camera was a Nikon D3300 with the standard 18-55mm lens. This was the perfect starter camera for me while I was studying media and photography at college.

What was your SECOND camera?

After the D3300, I decided to upgrade my camera body up to the D7200. This had the benefits of being weather resistant against dust and water, allowing me to be more comfortable with using the camera whilst traveling and when there could be a chance of it getting slightly wet. Also, ergonomically the camera is bigger with a deeper grip and I prefer this to the D3300.

What equipment do you have now?

Currently I still shoot with the Nikon D7200, but I have added a range of lenses to my equipment including Sigma’s 24-105mm F4 Art lens and Sigma 100-400mm Contemporary F5-6.3 lens. I also shoot with a few prime lenses including the Nikon 50mm f1.4 and the Nikon 35mm f1.8.

I have also grown a love for shooting with old film cameras namely the Olympus OM system. I seem to have developed quite a collection and have become the owner of a range of them including OM1, OM2, OM2n, OM4 and also a whole range of lenses including 28mm F2.8, 35mm F2.8, 135mm F3.5, 50mm F1.8 and also the 50mm F1.4.

D700 with Sigma 24-105 Art Lens

If you could change, what would you get now (if money was no object)?

As the majority of my lenses are suitable for full frame I would definitely choose to move up to the D850. This camera is known for being one the best general use professional cameras. It would also be a significant upgrade to my current camera. It boasts a high megapixel sensor as well as an articulating screen allowing you to capture images from a different perspective.

What is/was the first lens you fell in love with?

I would have to choose the Sigma 24-105mm Art lens. This lens has impressed me on many aspects, firstly the build quality is exceptional, it does make the lens slightly heavier but that is something insignificant when it comes to the amazing images you can get from the lens. As this is a zoom lens I was expecting the lens to be slightly softer than a prime at each equivalent focal point. However this was not the case, I was pleasantly surprised to find this lens is pin sharp throughout. This is why it is my favourite lens, I use it everywhere from holidays to portrait shoots.

D700 with Sigma 24-105 Art Lens


Film or digital?

I believe film and digital both have their advantages and would not give up one for the other. Digital is ideal for doing photography in a professional setting, as you have those instant images so you can double check and make adjustments to make sure that you have that perfect end result, which your clients will be happy with. Also if you're learning and exploring using different techniques a digital camera can be much cheaper then film when you factor in the cost of developing images and that you only have a limited number of shots per roll of film.

However I find shooting with a film camera can be much more exciting and enjoyable. It is refreshing to not be checking every image on the back of your camera. If I don't need instant results, film is always my preferred method of photography. Also having limited shots makes you appreciate every single one and think about what you are photographing. Sometimes it is a few months after I have shot a roll of film before I get a chance to get the images developed and that is one of the most exciting factors, not knowing what you are going to have when you get the images back.

Film OM2N and 28mm F2.8

What's your favourite item to demonstrate?

My favourite item to demonstrate in store is the Peak Design range. In particular the straps (Slide, Slide Lite and Leash) and also the CAPTUR clip. I find this range so easy to explain why it is definitely something you need in your camera bag. I use this system myself and I know I can trust that the straps and Captur clip can withstand equipment of different styles and weights.


In your opinion, what has been the biggest change to photography in the last 15 years?

I feel at the moment the biggest change is the mirrorless camera market, whether you are a pro shooting full frame or a hobbyist shooting micro four thirds. There are a number of mirrorless cameras on the market that are definitely worth looking into. There is a whole array of different levels and price ranges so there is now genuinely something for everyone that could turn their minds away from choosing a standard DSLR.

Landscapes, Portraits, Black & White, Weddings, Moody lighting...whats your preferred

My favourite style of photography would have to be street photography. This is because when I travel I love taking images of the people around me and catching them off guard and not posing for a camera. Also, rarely are two images the same. For example when you're photographing Trafalgar Square everyone is constantly on the move so you always get different results. More often than not you will be using natural light so the time of day and weather can have a big impact on how your images turn out.

If you could offer one piece of advice to a customer / Budding photographer, what would it

My advice would be do not be afraid of trying something new, whether that be splash photography, wildlife, macro or portraits. It is all about doing some research on how other people got the results you're after and then going for it. There will be some trial and error but every photo you take you can learning something new.

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