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Location, Location, Location | Mumbai Turf

Craig Boehman is a Mumbai-based photographer from the US. He’s been living in India for eight years. He naturally gravitated towards Mumbai, to pursue his professional photography career, after selling one of his photos for a magazine cover. 

Craig is hosting our next photography masterclass as he takes you on a journey through the streets of Mumbai and talks you through how to discover your 'local turf' and also how to get the most from prime lenses. 

“My interest in photography goes back to when I was a child and playing around with any Polaroid camera I could get my hands on. Later in college, I enrolled in a biomedical photography program. It was during this time, back in 1990, when I got into shooting and darkroom developing and the printing of black and white photos. His first digital camera was a Canon Rebel T3 but it wasn’t until 2013 that he began taking photography seriously again and purchased some new gear.” 

Craig now owns a Sony A7iii and he shoots with a variety of prime lenses. My favourite lens for performance is probably the Sony 85mm 1.8 but I do love the Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART lens for the image quality.

Craig’s passion for photography simply bounces off him.

“It’s simply everything. I live and breathe it daily. What inspires me? People. I’m a people-photographer, regardless of genre. I did get my start in street photography and I continue to practice street photography whenever I can. It’s the main source of my images. In an ideal world I will plan a shoot but not always. When it comes to shooting street photography, I know where to go to get specific images. Sometimes though, I’ll just go out walking and won’t have anything specific in mind; I’ll just shoot.” 

Most Memorable Shoot

All shoots are memorable in their own ways, usually because of the time taken to plan, photograph, and edit images. But the most memorable shoots are likely those with actors who are well-known and then seeing how people react to their presence during a shoot. This doesn’t happen often for me, so it’s naturally a memorable event. 

Craig’s Advice to any Aspiring Photographer

Keep shooting and sharing your work. Once you’re familiar with your gear and what interests you as subject matter, then take up a 365 day project that makes you shoot everyday. Your abilities and insights, instincts and ideas, will improve dramatically during this time, especially if you’re shooting street photography and engaging with people on a regular basis. 

If you love Craig's photos and would like to visit Mumbai to capture your own story then you should check out his guided photography tours with Clik Trip

Craig Boehman

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