The great and good of the photography trade were celebrated recently at the ‘Photography Industry Oscars’ the Amateur Photographer Awards, held this year at IET London in Savoy Place.

For well over 40 years weekly photography magazine AP has brought the industry together to celebrate new products and present awards to those new launches adjudged to be the best in their field by their renowned AP technical team.

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However it is not just the kit that finds its way into our shops that is celebrated, and not all awards are chosen by the AP Team.

The AP Good Service Awards reward photographic retailers that go above and beyond in order to provide the highest levels of service to their customers, and are, most importantly, not voted for not by the AP team, but by the customers of their shops.

It has not been a very smooth recent history for those involved in retail. Particularly those such as ourselves who continue to invest in town centres and bricks and mortar stores, enabling us to offer a level of service, expertise and assistance to our customer base that is not universally available.

The growth of internet-only retail juggernauts, and the various huge pressures presented by the recent pandemic are just two examples of big challenges we have faced in recent times, so we were beyond excited to be selected by our wonderful customers for the service we are so proud to offer them!

As a business, we understand our ability to guide, help and nurture our customer’s passion for photography is a huge competitive advantage for us, and we take enormous pride in offering a level of customer service that doesn’t just meet, but absolutely outshines the expectations of our customer base.

So to be chosen by YOU our customers for this honour means more to us than we could ever fully express. Thank you!


We want to thank you for voting for us, for shopping with us, and to let you know we do not take you or any of our allocades for granted. Every single positive piece of feedback is shared around our business and causes genuine satisfaction that what we are doing is worthwhile and is working.

You, and awards such as this, are precisely why we do what we do the way we do it, and you’ll be pleased to know we will not be changing a thing. So thank you from the very bottom of very proud hearts.

Special thanks also to the team at Amateur Photographer for coming back after a Covid enforced hiatus to once again celebrate our industry in such fabulous style! It was a truly wonderful and much needed event.

Here’s to 2023!