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Nikon Lens Cap LC-58 (58mm)


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Replacement Nikon Lens Cap for protection against dust and damage with snap-on action.

Fits Lens with filter thread of 58mm

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These Nikon caps just work properly. I have them for all my lenses (which are Canon or Zeiss). The only downside is the badge on the front

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The 58 MM Nikon snap on lens cap works very well. Perfect fit for my 50 MM 1.8 G. Provides complete protection for my glass, snaps on and off very easily.

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Wanted this lens cap to use as replacement for the flimsy lens cap on the otherwise excellent Zeiss ZF lenses. Works perfectly, and much more easily. (Wish Zeiss would get their caps as right as their lenses.)

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Hopefully, this will last longer than the generic one I previously purchased, which fell apart in 2 days.

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Use this on the Voigtlander 58/1.4. I like to use all Nikon caps, they just work well.

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Replaces the lost original lens cap of our Nikon D3400. Hoping the additon of the Sensei Cap Keeper Lens Cap Holder makes this the last one we need.

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Actually stays on and snaps in easily

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What else could I expect? It is original from Nikon. Don't waste your time finding any non-Nikon.

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These two go together like a horse and carriage. The transaction was quick, smooth and easy. The Nikon cap is slick with a two finger release mechanism. The cap keeper works perfectly. What else can you say about a cap and cap keeper?

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The Fuji 18-55 lens cap is poor. This is a first class replacement

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