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Nikon Z6 II Mirrorless Camera Body (Open Box)


  • Screen Size: 3.2" Vari-Angle
  • Fitting: Nikon Z
  • Sensor Size: Full Frame Sensor
  • Resolution: 21-25MP
  • "In Body" Image Stabilization
  • 4K Movie
  • Bluetooth

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Nikon Z6 II Mirrorless Camera Body (Open Box)


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Product Details

  • 24.5 Million Pixels
  • Dual EXPEED 6 Processor
  • Nikon Z Mount
  • 3690k dot (Quad VGA) Electronic Viewfinder
  • Shutter speed1/8000 to 900s
  • 3.2 inch 2100k dot, Tilting Rear Screen
  • 273 AF focus points
  • Eye-Detection AF For Still and Video
  • Animal-Detection AF Still and Video
  • 14 fps Continous Shooting
  • ISO sensitivity 100 to 51200
  • Buffer capacity (in 12 bit uncompressed RAW) Approx. 98 (with Cfexpress)
  • The number of shots per charge. 340 shots (approx. 400 shots in power-saving mode)
  • In-camera time-lapse movie recording Yes
  • 5.0 Stops of in-camera stabilisation
  • Movie 4K/30p, Full HD/120p
  • RAW video output available (optional)
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • Media slots Cfexpress (Type B) or XQD + SD card (UHS-II)

Create the images you want to see in the world

Run with your ideas. Follow your intuition. Whatever your next project demands, the versatile Z 6II full-frame mirrorless camera gives you the imaging power to create faster, sharper, and more fluidly. Meet opportunity with excellence, whether you express yourself best in stills—or video.

New now. New tomorrow.

Whether you’re a photographer who shoots video, a videographer who captures stills, or mixed media is your thing. Whether you collaborate or work alone. Whether it’s high-speed action or captivating stillness. Cinematic 4K or on-the-spot interviews. Whatever you create with the light, this camera keeps up.

Ready for your night shoot

This camera’s incredible light-gathering capabilities free you to create in any light. You get clean, full-frame images across the ultra-wide ISO range when shooting stills, and clean output when shooting video. Low-light AF now works down to -6 EV with an f/2 (or faster) lens—you’ll find focus even under the quarter-moon light.

So much faster

The ultra-wide Hybrid AF system offers spot-on subject acquisition. You can shoot up to 14 fps at full resolution with full autofocus and auto exposure. When speed matters—and it always matters—you’ll catch the shots others might miss.

Twice as powerful

Whatever you do with the light, do it faster and more fluidly. Twin EXPEED processors double the power at your disposal for everything from AF to buffer capacity. Performance is smooth as silk, whether filming or shooting stills. 

More speed—for longer

The faster, high-performance buffer lets you shoot up to 200 JPEGs or 124 12-bit uncompressed RAW images in one burst. The high refresh rate means you won’t miss a second, and the dual EXPEED engines ensure lightning-fast write speeds. 

Dual card slots for a fluid workflow

With two memory card slots at your disposal, you have room to adapt to any workflow. Separate stills from movies, or RAW from JPEG. Copy files between cards. Configure slots for overflow and backup. You can use UHS-II SD cards in one slot, and XQD cards or the latest ultra-fast CFexpress cards in the other.

Keep going

Shooting interviews? You can run the camera via a USB Type-C cable, and even charge the battery while shooting. Even on a long shoot, this camera keeps up.

Vertical shooting

The optional Power Battery Pack MB-N11 features integrated controls for vertical shooting. And it lets you hot-swap batteries without losing power.

A multimedia powerhouse

If you’re a videographer, this is your Nikon. The camera’s full-frame sensor and full-pixel readout enable broader dynamic range and sharper, cleaner video footage. AF speed and tracking sensitivity can be set during recording, and you can use Eye-Detection and Animal-Detection AF while filming. Flexible frame rates increase your options and you can output footage however you need.


Maximum control in post. Faster transfer rates. The Z 6II lets you connect to a compatible ATOMOS external recorder to export the video as ProRes RAW®, which preserves all the data from the camera’s full-frame sensor in smaller files.

10-Bit HDMI output

Gain more flexibility when colour grading. Recording video at a high 10-bit depth retrieves billions of more colours than standard 8-bit recording. With the Z 6II, you can record 10-bit output directly to an external recorder via HDMI.

Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG)

Remove the need for time-consuming colour grading and shoot video footage ready for immediate playback on HDR displays. The camera’s HLG shooting formats preserve more detail, dynamic range and contrast—no post-processing required.

Built tough

Pound those dusty streets. Brave those mountain paths. Shoot down at the water’s edge. With a super-strong, lightweight magnesium-alloy frame, the Z 6II is easy to carry and tough enough to handle any location. Fully sealed against dust, dirt, and moisture, it will go wherever inspiration takes you.

Remote shooting

Use the optional Wireless Remote WR-R11b and Wireless Remote Controller WR-1 for remote shooting, or to control external flashes like the SB-5000 Speedlights.

High-speed flash

You can use external flashes even when shooting at high frame rates of up to 14 fps. Create greater depth and dimension—light the entire frame at any given moment.

F-mount lenses

The FTZ Mount Adapter gives you compatibility with over 300 F-mount NIKKOR lenses. From fast primes to super-telephoto zooms, and everything in between.

New ways to see

Shoot video. Shoot stills. Shoot it all. Love the cinematic depth of field you can achieve with the wide selection of fast-focusing, compact NIKKOR Z lenses.

Update firmware via SnapBridge

Nikon’s ever-evolving SnapBridge app now lets you update your camera’s firmware via your smart device. You can also use the app to shoot stills and video remotely. Or to filter and share JPEGs or RAW files to any smart device or computer: you can add hashtags and copyright info right from the app.

Product Reviews

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Nikon won over a lot of fans with its original Z6. A nicely designed body, a good all-rounder which is well-suited to a variety of subjects, and an affordable price. Nikon sticks closely to that idea for the Z6’s successor, with the Z 6II including a number of welcome upgrades for a refresh that is...

TechRadar UK

Nikon has taken one of our favorite mirrorless cameras and addressed its main weaknesses. While it might not be class-leading in key areas, it’s the Z6 II’s strong performance across the board that makes it such a compelling choice.

Pocket Lint

One of the most capable full-frame mirrorless cameras on the market. It's got the lens mount right, the quality right and, despite strong competition and not being a big upgrade over the original, the Z6 II is exceptional in many areas.

Amateur Photographer

It boasts more processing power than its predecessor, but how much does this add to Nikon’s enthusiast all-rounder? Richard Sibley finds out


Like the Nikon Z6, the Z6 II, offers great image quality, and great handling, but with added "oomph" as well as the convenience of an SD card slot. The Nikon Z6 II and the other camera's in the Z series offer great handling, and the Z6 II offers a full-frame 24mp BSI CMOS sensor that is able to...

Practical Photography

What's The Best puts the Nikon Z6ii to the test to see if it's worth parting with your hard-earned cash. Keep reading to find out more.


The Nikon Z6 IIserious will appeal to photo enthusiasts as well as photojournalists, street photographers and wedding photo/videographers. It’s also light enough to appeal to travellers.

PC Magazine

The mirrorless Nikon Z 6 II offers small yet tangible updates to its predecessor, but it doesn't match the improvements in autofocus we've seen from competing systems.

SLR Lounge

The Nikon Z6 II is a near-perfect update to an already impressive predecessor, so there's a lot to like and not much to be concerned about. If you'd like a rugged, reliable, all-around full-frame mirrorless camera, The Z6 II should be at the top of your list.

Camera Decision

Launched in October 2020 , Nikon Z6 Mark II is a 25.0MP Pro Mirrorless camera with a Full frame (35.9 x 23.9 mm ) sized BSI-CMOS sensor, built-in Image Stabilization, weather sealed body, Tilting touch screen and Nikon Z lens mount. Nikon replaced the older Z6 with this model.

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Wex Photo Video

Just so comfortable, easy to use, great customisability, nice menus, crisp EVF, stable IBIS, great grip, prominent buttons, love the buttons around the mount, two card slots, quick AF, but most importantly it produces lovely images every time.

John Lewis

This is a great upgrade from my previous Nikon. One main feature is that I can use my existing DX lenses with the FTZ Mount Adapter. They work great with this camera, just as good as a Z mount lens. The viewfinder is excellent, no real difference from the SLR. I love all the customisation features.


Just so comfortable, easy to use, great customisability, nice menus, crisp EVF, stable IBIS, great grip, prominent buttons, love the buttons around the mount, two card slots, quick AF, but most importantly it produces lovely images every time.

Wilkinson Cameras

I am very pleased with my z6 ii and ftz adapter. I'm getting very sharp images with no focusing issues.

Wex Photo Video

Very pleased with this camera, my first from Nikon, having changed from Pentax DSLRs. I found getting used to the new system quite straightforward. I'm very pleased with the performance and very happy that I made the change.

John Lewis

Amazingly small and light compared to my former DSLRs, the Nikon Z6II has a bright viewfinder with clear exposure details and also a clear top screen with details picked out in white on black. A very quiet shutter and very high ISO levels with little grain.


Very pleased with this camera, my first from Nikon, having changed from Pentax DSLRs. I found getting used to the new system quite straightforward. I'm very pleased with the performance and very happy that I made the change.

Wilkinson Cameras

Love the camera. Had the Z6 and this to me although not a massive step change to me it has the capacity to support more firmware upgrades.

Wex Photo Video

Excellent camera, easy to use. Great image quality.

John Lewis

This was bought to replace a D7100. Only a few shots taken so far and not a real test but the image quality is a huge leap from the D7100. Lovely clean, sharp images.Looking forward to giving it some real work to do soon

A really fabulous camera. Great low light ability and fantastically sharp z lenses

What a fantastic camera - upgrading from my trusty Nikon D800 and I'm blown away by the differences - superb images and as I am familiar with Nikon menus etc. I find it easy to use. I'm using the FTZ adaptor as I'm still using my 'F' lens but look forward to getting Z lens once my budget allows.

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