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Canon 600mm f11 IS STM RF Lens

Canon 600mm f11 IS STM RF Lens

£ 749


Canon 600mm f11 IS STM RF Lens

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  • Lens is suitable for: Canon EOS Full Frame Mirrorless (RF)
  • Fitting: Canon RF
  • Focal Length: 600mm
  • Telephoto PRIME
  • Lens/Image Stabilisation: Yes

Product code: 5594 (4549292162042)

Product Details

Bring your world closer with a super-telephoto lens that offers powerful image stabilisation and a compact, lightweight design for pictures and movies you never thought possible.

  • 600mm - Super telephoto reach
  • 5-stop IS - Ground-breaking image stabilisation
  • STM motor - Focus quickly, quietly and confidently
  • Compact size - 199.5 mm when stowed
  • Lens Control Ring - For direct control over Tv/Exposure/Compensation/ISO settings

Reach distant subjects with ease

Bring every day closer and fill the frame with garden wildlife at home or on the road and pack your pictures with glorious detail and impact.

Enjoy sharp, shake-free images

Thanks to 5-stop image stabilisation, super sharp telephoto images are possible, and you can achieve great handheld video footage too.

Revolutionary size and weight

Thanks to the RF mount, an F11 aperture and Diffractive Optics, the lens contracts to 199.5 mm in length when stored and weighs only 930 g.

Focus smoothly and quietly

An STM motor allows smooth, quiet AF while a Lens Control Ring gives intuitive control over settings. Pleasing bokeh is achieved thanks to a bladeless, F11 aperture.

A super-telephoto reach for all

A remarkably competitive price brings a super-telephoto lens with powerful stabilisation and autofocus to all enthusiasts.

A revolutionary super-telephoto thanks to Diffractive Optics (DO) technology

Canon was the first to commercialise Diffractive Optic (DO) technology by developing its own unique structure. Through the use of DO lens elements, it is possible to make the lens compact and lightweight and control chromatic aberration. Combine that optical advantage with the inherent benefits of the wider RF mount – with faster communication speeds to the camera and high optical quality – and you have a compelling super telephoto that is light, affordable, compact and easy to carry.

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