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Cokin Creative Expert Filter Kit for L-Size / Z-Pro Series

Cokin Creative Expert Filter Kit for L-Size / Z-Pro Series

£ 240


Cokin Creative Expert Filter Kit for L-Size / Z-Pro Series

Includes 3x Filters, Filter Holder and Adapter rings

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  • Filter Size: Cokin L Size (Z-Pro Series)

Product code: 11992

Product Details

Expert Kit gives you all the essentials tools required to make great images. The four most popular adaptor rings are included along with the filter-holder so you can start shooting right out of the box.

A comprehensive filter kit, comprising the three most popular Gradual Neutral Density (GND) filters: GND2, GND4 and GND8, plus a P-Series filter holder and range of four adaptor rings.

  • Neutral Density ND4 filter (Z153) with 2-stop density
  • Gradual ND4 filter (Z121M) with 2-stop density and hard-edged transition
  • Gradual ND8 filter (Z121) with 3-stop density and soft-edged transition
  • Z-Pro Series filter holder ('L' size)
  • Z-Pro Series / L Size Adaptor Rings: 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm

Graduated Neutral Density (GND)

Graduated ND filters are used to reduce the contrast difference of a composition. They allow for a well-balanced image; they are the filters most used by landscape photographers to yield both harmonious skies and detailed foregrounds at once. With these filters, images which are impossible to obtain in digital post-processing can be created.

Cokin Z153 Neutral Grey ND4

This ND plain filter reduces the amount of light reaching the film, but without affecting the balance. Authorizes a 2 stops Shutter speed/Aperture decrease.

Gradual ND4 / Z121M

Cokin graduated ND filters are just the ticket for landscapes where the sky is particularly bright -and thus susceptible to being over-exposed - or when you want a darker, moodier sky. The filter retains normal colour balance across the visible spectrum, with a progressive graduation from the middle to the top of the filter. For those familiar with the Cokin line, the Z121M filter has the same colour as the 121 filter, but a lower tone.

Gradual ND8 filter (Z121)

This Gradual Neutral Grey reduces the total amount of light reaching the film, but without affecting the colour balance. It restores the balance between the main subject and the foreground/background

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