Cokin Landscape Filter Kit (M-Size / P Series)

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Give your images some colour

The toolbox of every landscape photographer. Balance exposure with the gradual ND filter, bring some blue in washed sky with the gradual blue or add some cine-look with the gradual tobacco.

A versatile filter kit designed for landscape photographers, comprising 3 of the most popular Gradual filters: Gradual Neutral Density GND8, Gradual Blue and Gradual Tobacco.

Supplied with

  • Gradual ND8 filter (P121S) with 3-stop density and soft transition
  • Gradual Blue filter (P123S) with soft transition
  • Gradual Tobacco filter (P125S) with soft transition

Does not come with Filter Holder or adapter rings

Gradual ND8 filter (P121S)

Progressive graduation from the middle to the top of the filter, same colour and tone than the P121.

Graduated ND filters are used to reduce the contrast difference of a composition. They allow for a well-balanced image; they are the filters most used by landscape photographers to yield both harmonious skies and detailed foregrounds at once. With these filters, images which are impossible to obtain in digital post-processing can be created.

Gradual Blue filter (P123S)

Gradual Blue filters are very useful for enhancing a grey and lackluster sky by giving it a sunnier aspect, something that a polarizing filter cannot do under these circumstances. It is perfect for those who do not want a filter effect to be visible!

Gradual Tobacco filter (P125S)

Gradual Tobacco respond to the exact opposite logic: their pronounced effect adds a very special touch to the image, a touch that delights some photographers.

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Cokin Landscape Filter Kit (M-Size / P Series)

Product code: 10574


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