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Fujifilm MHG-XT1 Small

Fujifilm MHG-XT1 Small

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Fujifilm MHG-XT1 Small


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Product Details

Integral design and reliable components

The handgrip consists of a base-plate milled from aluminium block and a grip which is designed to integrate perfectly with the camera body. Its precision design shows in its stylish silhouette which provides a firm hold, and robust feel.

Optimum balance with sufficient clearance from the base of the camera body when using a large-diameter lens

The handgrip offers an additional 8mm clearance from the base of the camera body so as to prevent large-diameter lenses such as XF23mm or XF55-200mm from interfering with a tripod head.

Access to the battery / memory card slot or to connect a DC coupler when the handgrip is attached.

There is no need to remove the MHG-XT Small handgrip to open the camera’s battery cover, ensuring speedy access to the battery or memory card even while the handgrip is mounted on a tripod. Users can also connect a DC Coupler (designed for this series) while the handgrip is attached, to feed power to the camera during time-lapse or long-exposure photography.

Enhanced operability while using a tripod

The handgrip has a tripod socket, carefully positioned so that the rotation axis of the tripod is aligned with the optical axis of the lens to ensure panning and framing free of rotation displacement. The base also features a 38mm-wide protrusion that acts as a quick-release dovetail plate for use with a dovetail tripod mount.

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