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Fujifilm Velvia 100F 135-36

Fujifilm Velvia 100F 135-36

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Fujifilm Velvia 100F 135-36

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  • Manufacturer: FujiFilm

Product code: 134594

Product Details

Film Lives, as do Slides!

The real strength of Velvia 100F slide film is its ability to offer even more saturated colours, while still providing realistic colour representation.

Advances in emulsion technology make this film an excellent choice for professional landscape, nature, and product photographers.


  • Sensitivity: Daylight ISO 100/21°
  • Special properties: Ultrafine grain, extremely sharp, very high colour saturation with realistic colour representation
  • Areas of application: Fashion, product, art, landscape, and scientific photography
  • Corrections for long exposure: 135-36, 135-36 Press Pack (20)
  • RMS-grain value: Exposure correction not necessary for 1/4000 - 60 sec.; Exposure correction at 2 min.: +1/3 + 2.5B, Exposure correction at 4 min.: + 1/2+ 2.5B; Exposure correction at 8 min.: +2/3 +2.5B
  • Resolution: 8
  • Push/Pull-properties: 1.6:1.....80 l/mm Contrast range: 1000:1.....160l/mm
  • Material surface: -1/2(EI 50) to +1 (EI 200)


PSHC (Pure,&-Performance Dye-Forming Coupler) technologies
The couplers developed for FUJICHROME Velvia 100F combine remarkable colour purity and stability with high colour formation efficiency. This makes possible not only Velvia 100F's fundamental ultra-high saturation, but also its superb colour accuracy and outstanding image stability.

  • X-Coupler technology: A unique cyan coupler developed by Fujifilm and employed in Velvia 100F for the first time (as of Aug 2003).
  • V-Coupler technology: A magenta coupler that extends the technology that has markedly improved colour reproduction and stability in products such as Fujifilm's colour papers. This is also the first application of this technology in a colour reversal film (Aug 2003).
  • S-Coupler technology: An enhanced yellow coupler that improves upon the already excellent colour reproduction and stability characteristics of Fujifilm's current generation of yellow couplers.

Together with these X, V, and S couplers, FUJICHROME Velvia 100F further benefits from dramatically reduced secondary absorption constituents - a primary cause of colour impurity in other film products.

MCCL (Multi-colour-Correction Layer) technologies
In addition to optimised spectral sensitivity characteristics of the three primary colour (R, G, B) layers, this technology incorporates a colour correction layer that mimics the response of the human eye to adjust reproduction of green hues. Another colour correction layer works to assure more faithful reproduction of reds, while yet another for blue assists in capturing the subtle and complex colours of the natural world.

MSSC (Multi-Structured Sigma Crystal) technology
Based upon the highly regarded ultra-fine grain emulsion technology of Provia 100F, the FUJICHROME Velvia 100F grain structure has been further improved even while maintaining ultra-high colour saturation. MSSC technology makes it possible to manufacture a film that actually surpasses the existing Velvia product in terms of both the fineness of grain (RMS granularity: 8) and speed (ISO100).

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