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Godox AD200Pro TTL Studio Strobe Flash Gun

Godox AD200Pro TTL Studio Strobe Flash Gun

£ 375


Godox AD200Pro TTL Studio Strobe Flash Gun

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Godox AD200Pro is a portable flash which, thanks to its high power and small dimensions, is perfect for outdoor, home or studio photo sessions. A powerful battery, wireless control and a system providing many accessories will facilitate the work of even demanding photographers.

Product code: 17429 (6952344217429)

Product Details


High-power compact flash. Not much larger than Speedlites, but providing similar flexibility and much more power. It is a complete tool that is characterized by an efficient battery, wireless remote control and the possibility of using a wide range of light modifiers.


AD200Pro is approx. 4 times more powerful than typical Speedlite lamps while maintaining a similar size and weight. The Pro version also offers developed possibilities to facilitate the work of demanding photographers.


Godox AD200Pro is compatible with the Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fuji X automatic flash metering system (using Godox X trigger). Using the TTL system allows quick and convenient work with a flashlight even in rapidly changing lighting conditions. Built-in Godox X receiver gives you remote control over the most important functions of the lamp, such as HSS mode, flash output and change of operating mode. Flash output adjustment is in the range 1-1/256.

Replaceable flash heads

The first is equipped with an LED pilot light known from traditional Speedlites. The second head is a flash head with a bare bulb. Two different flash heads will match the nature of the light of the photographer's vision.

The Pro version provides:

  • Changed control panel
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Increased power control range
  • USB C
  • Stable Color Mode +/- 100K


A professional lithium battery with a capacity of 2900mAh and a voltage of 14.4V allows you to fire up to 500 flashes with full power, and the charging time to full flash power is 1.8 seconds.

The set contains:

  • Godox AD200Pro TTL
  • Bare Bulb Flash Head
  • Speedlite Flash Head
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Carry Case
  • Original packaging

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