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Kenko DG Extension Tube Set 10mm + 16mm for Nikon Z

Kenko DG Extension Tube Set 10mm + 16mm for Nikon Z

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Kenko DG Extension Tube Set 10mm + 16mm for Nikon Z

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  • Fitting: Nikon Z
  • Converter / Adapter
  • Macro

Product code: 2049 1

Product Details

By placing one or both of them between your existing lens and the camera body, Kenko Extension Tubes conveniently turn a standard lens into a macro lens! This makes it possible to take pictures much closer to the subject than the normal minimum focusing distance allowed by the lens.

Consisting of two metal tubes in 10mm and 16mm lengths, this Kenko Extension Tube Set is compatible with Nikon Z-series (Z-mount) full-frame and APS-C sensor mirrorless camera systems.
  • Supports full-frame sensors
  • Tubes can be used singularly or together
  • Each extension tube is equipped with electrical contacts for communication between camera and lens
  • Fully-automatic aperture diaphragm coupling
  • Maintains TTL metering
  • AF operation is possible, but as the depth of focus is very small, switching to manual focus is advised
  • The length of extension tubes used should be less than the focal length of the lens
  • Not designed to be used with mount adapters or teleconverters. Doing so could damage the lens or camera

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