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Polaroid Originals: Black & White Instant Print Film for i-Type

Polaroid Originals: Black & White Instant Print Film for i-Type

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Polaroid Originals: Black & White Instant Print Film for i-Type

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  • No. Of Exposures: 8
  • Film Speed (ASA/ISO): 640
  • Film Finish: Black & White
  • Film Format: Instant Print

Product code: 141085 (9120066087720)

Product Details

  • Black & White instant film for Polaroid Originals i-Type cameras
  • 8 photos per pack
  • Classic white frame
  • ISO 640
  • Battery-free
  • Development time: 10-15 minutes

i-Type film is a new generation of instant film, optimized for i-Type cameras like the OneStep 2. That means you get the best photos possible with your OneStep 2, as crisp, clear and colorful as every photo should be. And because i-Type cameras have their own rechargeable batteries, we don't have to put one in the film, meaning you save money on every single pack. But don't try using it in a 600 camera – it won't work, no matter how nicely you ask it to.

It might look familiar, but this film is all new. It uses our most advanced chemistry to provide richer colours, tones, and contrasts than any Polaroid film before it.

Every instant camera needs a film to go with it, and our i-Type cameras have their own special i-Type film. It's optimized for the OneStep 2, battery-free (which makes it easier on your wallet) and ready to roll.

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