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Rollei Infrared 400 135-36

Rollei Infrared 400 135-36

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Rollei Infrared 400 135-36

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Give your prints something special with this beautiful film

  • Film Finish: Black & White
  • Film Format: 35mm

Product code: 10000094 CL

Product Details

The Rollei Infrared 400 is well suited for experimental, creative applications, and for scientific photography.

Perfect exposures can be reached, using special infrared filters, leading into results with an unusual tonal range.

  • High speed panchromatic B&W film material with special infrared sensitivity;
  • Large exposure latitude and an high exposure reserve for application under all lighting and climatic conditions;
  • Special coating for improvement of film transport properties of the cameras;
  • Suitable for daylight and tungsten light conditions;
  • Table polyester base support guarantees the highest level of archive stability (LE 500);
  • The large contrast power, in addition of very fine grain and excellent sharpness, is the basis for negatives of excellent quality;
  • Excellent resolving power, very fine grain and high sharpness as a base for negatives with an excellent quality; especially suited for digital application for scanning;
  • Special halation effects (AURA effect) by longer exposure times;

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