Sony BC-QZ1 Battery Charger for NP-FZ100

Give your camera a power boost

Quickly charge your interchangeable lens camera battery, so you never miss a shot. The battery charger is compact so you can take it anywhere.

Power level indicator

Keep track of how long it will be till you're back shooting with a power level indicator. You can see the percentage charging status on the indicator lamp.

  • Charges W-Series Batteries
  • Quick Charging
  • LED Indicator

Supports the following cameras:

  • A9
  • A7R III
  • A7 III
  • New Or Secondhand: New

Product code: 5719

Product Details

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Product Reviews

B&H Photo

I'm not sure why this thing doesn't come with the camera, but I think it's essential. I personally don't want to have my camera continually being plugged in to charge the battery. I've owned several Sony cameras in the past and they always came with a charger. This is kind of a sucky trend.

B&H Photo

This charger seems great... but I am so angry that one didnt come with the Sony A7iii... I hope Sony is ashamed of themselves for that shystery move. Saving money by cheating customers and not including a vital accessory that literally every other camera on earth comes with is nothing short of...

B&H Photo

If you're buying a Sony a7 iii camera you must buy this too, because the only way to charge the battery out of the box is using the included USB-micro cable and AC adapter which take almost two times longer to fully charge (more than 4 hours).

B&H Photo

Fast and efficient. Preferable to awkward recharging arrangement that comes with camera. Bulky with the long cord, especially for travel. Way too expensive. But it works well for me, despite several drawbacks.

B&H Photo

Works great. One reviewer suggested you can replace the cord with an Apple socket that allows it to connect directly to the wall--I did that and it works great.

B&H Photo

Charger is very expensive and not included in the A7III kit. Cord is cumbersome if you are keeping charger in your bag. Plug would be better if it was built in like Canon chargers. I used the plug from an iPhone charger to plug into the top and it works just fine instead of the long cable.

B&H Photo

Bought the BC-QZ1 Battery Charger despite the reviews that were giving the long cord a bad rap. It works great, charges the battery fast, lets you know when its completely charged with the LED lights. The cord is what it is - you just deal with it.

B&H Photo

After researching countless chargers I ended up with the expensive Sony BC-QZ1 charger. It seems to be the only option as of July-18 that not only charges fast (2.5 hours) but also is smaller size. The other option were either slow in charging or very bulky.

B&H Photo

If you're looking for an OEM charger for the batteries from the Sony A7iii (or other Sony cameras that use the NP-FZ100) then this is it. The bottom line is this: it works perfectly.

B&H Photo

Good product, smooth process from order to delivery. Thanks!

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