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Used Bronica RF645 Medium Format Rangefinder, 65mm f4 Lens & RF20 Flash

Used Bronica RF645 Medium Format Rangefinder, 65mm f4 Lens & RF20 Flash

£ 1999

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Used Bronica RF645 Medium Format Rangefinder, 65mm f4 Lens & RF20 Flash

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  • Condition: Excellent ++
  • Location: Stevenage
  • 6 Month Guarantee
  • Sensor Size: Medium Format (Film)
  • Condition: Excellent ++

Product code: B006003684

Product Details

What is the condition like of this used item?

The condition of this item has been described as:


  • Slight signs of use
  • Full working order
  • No obvious cosmetic marks
  • No dust or fungus
  • No additional markings & odour free
  • Smooth zoom/focus movement (Lenses only)
  • Film cameras - Light meter checked and operational
  • Film cameras - Light traps checked and passed test
  • Film cameras - Wind on mechanisms tested and operational
  • Film cameras - Shutter speeds fully operational
  • Film cameras - New batteries fitted

This camera is beautiful and well designed. So well designed in fact that it won the good design award in Japan for its looks and layout. It has innovative features that set it apart from the field at the time, including a program mode, automatica dark slide and non mechanical leaf shutter lenses. This camera was a leap above the competitors

The camera has a bright vertical viewfinder which has a great internal layout, with all of the camera modes and warnings featured in your view. It was parallax compensated for the 65mm and 100 mm lenses. And lets talk about them. The camera comes as standard with the 65mm f4 lens, but there were a total of 4 lenses released for this camera. The 45mm f4, 65mm f4, 135mm f4.5 and the 100mm f4.5. The 100mm was released later to replace the 135mm lens, as it was not a comfortable fit on the rangefinder and was hard to focus correctly. The lenses for this camera are very capable and produce very good results.

This is an immensely capable camera that has a great lens, and it should not be overlooked. This may look like a simple camera, but it is not at all. Underneath that pretty skin is a sophisticated electronically controlled camera, featuring a program mode, AE lock and motor driven leaf shutter lenses.

The RF645 is a rare beast and we see them very infrequently as there were not so many produced. This was mainly because they were first seen in 2000 at the time the digital revolution hit this market and sales of this stunner were naturely suppressed. However, we have one in stunning condition, fully operational and suitable for any avid camera collector or if you are a purist photographer and just want stunning results but without the heavy weight often experienced with medium format film cameras.

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