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Used Hasselblad XPan II & 45mm f4 35mm Manual Focus Rangefinder Camera (Commission Sale)

Used Hasselblad XPan II & 45mm f4 35mm Manual Focus Rangefinder Camera (Commission Sale)

£ 4500

Used Hasselblad XPan II & 45mm f4 35mm Manual Focus Rangefinder Camera (Commission Sale)

  • Condition: Excellent+
  • Location: Chelmsford
  • One Month Guarantee
  • Manufacturer: Hasselblad
  • Fitting: Hasselblad XPan
  • Sensor Size: 35mm Film
  • Condition: Excellent+

Product code: C002000101

Product Details

What is the condition like of this used item?

The condition of this item has been described as:


  • Some signs of use
  • Full working order
  • Some cosmetic marks but no dents or scores
  • No dust or fungus
  • Odour free
  • Smooth focus movement 

Includes Hasselblad Soft Outfit Case, Lens Hood and Instructions

This camera has been very well looked after. Its in really nice condition and is a shame that it has a few scratches on the body. the lens is flawless and free from scratches and fungus. It comes complete with a set of instructions, the lens hood and a beautiful Hasselblad outfit case that would have cost £hundreds!

A very rare find these days and at great value too. Look on eBay and you will find a few (not many) for sale at higher prices. These cameras are very sought after so we dont expect it to be around long.

Its being sold on commission for one of our very good customers who is and has been an avid camera collector for many years. This camera has not been professionally used and has been kept in a dry and well ventilated environment. You will receive a one-month money back guarantee.

The Hasselblad XPan II is a unique camera that takes great 35 mm shots with the famous Hasselblad quality and full medium format panorama pictures on the same roll of 35mm film. The XPan II's panorama shots have medium format quality with an image width equal to that of shots produced by a 6x7 medium format camera.

Building upon the success of the original XPan, the unique dual format XPan II produces high quality panorama or standard format images on regular 35mm film. The two formats can be mixed in any order on the same roll of film. With the introduction of XPan II the camera is further improved to make it simpler to operate yet even more advanced for different customer preferences

The 24 x 65mm panorama format, together with the high quality XPan lenses (focal lengths 30mm, 45mm (standard lens) and 90mm) brings medium format image quality to 35mm film. The XPan II features a wide range of convenient, user-friendly features such as automated film loading film transport, TTL exposure metering, and single or continuous exposure.

The shutter release can be triggered by button, mechanically, via a dedicated electrical remote cable, or self-timer. And, being a rangefinder camera, the Xpan II is very silent in operation. Switching between formats is easily done with the simple twist of a knob. When changing format the camera automatically adjusts the film position to assure consistent film spacing and to avoid film waste.

The Hasselblad XPan was developed by Hasselblad in cooperation with Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. The XPan's unique and innovative approach allows dual-format capability on the same roll of film. It allows 35mm type film to produce both standard 24 x 36mm images and 24 x 65mm panoramic format on the same roll simply by rotating a format selector switch on the back of the camera. There is no masking of the film to achieve the panorama effect.

A bright viewfinder and coupled rangefinder ensures optimal viewing and focusing. Viewfinder framing is adjusted automatically according to the focal length of the lens and the chosen format. The viewfinder also has an integral LCD display showing shutter speed and exposure information. The 30mm lens is supplied with a separate viewfinder attached to the camera accessory shoe.

The XPan II is almost as simple to use as a point and shoot 35mm camera while still being, when you choose it to be, a highly flexible and sophisticated professional tool. A number of features can be easily programmed using the settings on the LCD panel on the rear of the camera. Film speed, exposure compensation, auto bracketing, multi-exposure, flash sync mode, self timer delay and film return spooling mode can all be set to customized user preferences.

The black finish titanium camera features a centre-weighted metering system as well as aperture priority and metered manual exposure modes. In addition, it has auto-bracketing, exposure compensation, an LCD display screen on the camera back and DX film code sensor. The camera's motorized film advance can be set for single frame or continuous shooting at the rate of 1.2fps in the 35mm format.

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