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Used Minolta X300 35mm SLR Camera & 35-70mm Lens

Used Minolta X300 35mm SLR Camera & 35-70mm Lens

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Used Minolta X300 35mm SLR Camera & 35-70mm Lens

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  • Condition: Excellent+
  • Location: London
  • 6 Month Guarantee
  • Fitting: Minolta MD
  • Sensor Size: 35mm Film
  • Condition: Excellent+

Product code: B001019983

Product Details

What is the condition like of this used item?

The condition of this item has been described as:


  • Some signs of use
  • Full working order
  • Some cosmetic marks but no dents or scores
  • No dust or fungus
  • Odour free
  • Film cameras - Light meter checked and operational
  • Film cameras - Light traps checked and passed test
  • Film cameras - Wind on mechanisms tested and operational
  • Film cameras - Shutter speeds fully operational
  • Film cameras - New batteries fitted

The X-300s is a 35mm SLR camera from Minolta. It was also marketed in the U.S. and Canada as the X-370N. It is essentially the same camera as the Minolta X-300 (the X-370 for the North American market), but with some minor improvements and a streamlined body.

The camera has an electronically-controlled cloth-curtain focal plane shutter. The shutter can be manually controlled stepwise from 1 second to 1/1000 via the covered dial on the top of the camera, but in aperture-priority mode, the shutter is capable of stepless speeds and can open for up to four seconds in low light.

The meter is mounted in the pentaprism, and gives a centre-weighted average light value. Unlike many more expensive aperture-priority cameras, the camera does not continue metering while the shutter is open (as the mirror is up and so light is blocked from falling on the meter.) Thus, if there is a light change during or immediately before the exposure, while the mirror is up, the camera will not compensate.

Like all MD-mount cameras, the lens mount has an internal armature to stop down the diaphragm when taking a picture, as well as an external rotating ring that is moved by a stud on the lens to communicate the aperture setting. (To be precise, it indicates to the camera the difference between the lens's current setting and its maximum aperture. With TTL metering, it is not necessary for the camera to know the actual f/stop numbers, only the brightness metered at the maximum aperture and the number of stops below maximum that the lens is currently set to.)

When the shutter dial is set to "Auto," the camera is in aperture-priority mode, and will choose a shutter speed based on the light value and the aperture setting of the lens. The shutter speed is displayed in the viewfinder: when the photographer touches the contacts on the shutter-release button, a light will appear next to the shutter speed marking at the edge of the frame. An "A" for "Auto" also appears when in aperture-priority mode.

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