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Replacement Battery: Suitable for A99, A77 II, A68 and more

Ansmann Sony NP-FM500H Digital Camera Battery

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Ansmann Sony NP-FM500H Digital Camera Battery

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Product Details

Replacement Battery

Ansmann Sony NP-FM500 Battery

Synonymous with German quality and reliability this Ansmann branded Li-Ion digital camera battery is a cost effective and reliable alternative to the Sony NP-FM500 original battery pack.

Specifically designed to replace the Sony NP-FM500, this high performance Li-Ion battery pack also features built-in circuit protection for added safety.

Specifications: 7.4 V / 1500mAh / 11.1 Wh

Fits the following Sony cameras:

  • A200
  • A300
  • A350
  • A450
  • A500
  • A550
  • A560
  • A580
  • A700
  • A850
  • A900
  • A57
  • A58
  • A68
  • A77
  • A77 II
  • A99

Please Note: The compatibility list may not be exhaustive. This battery requires charging before use.

Product Reviews

Compact, No surprises

I'm not a professional. I just like taking photos. Battery doesn't last long. I always have 2 with me so no disappointments :) I would recommend to anyone to purchase a few of them if You take a lots of photos or taking 'important' photos and You wont be able to access power points.


The product is perfect, I could have bought a cheaper copy but prefer to stick to a item made for my camera.


I really like my new Sony Mirrorless camera and lenses. I have the 24x70mm and 200x600mm. But the batteries don't last long. I think it's just because they are too small.


This time I thought I'd go for the brand make, and I'm very pleased I did.


I purchased the Sony battery,charged it up seems good,I received the battery very quick,

B&H Photo

I only use the factory battery for my Sony cameras. I tried another brand and it wasn't good, waste of money. Off-brands don't hold a charge nearly as long, don't show an accurate percentage of power like the factory brand does, and their performance is sketchy.


Perfect match to the existing battery, works Great

B&H Photo

Not much to say about a battery as long as it works. Previous Sony batteries worked well with long life, albeit pricy. I went with the Sony battery again after cheaping out with a much less expensive off brand, that quit charging after a very short life on a trip. Indeed you get what you pay for.


Needs just a little more capacity.

B&H Photo

excellent battery,and lasts a long time on my Sony A77ii. I can all day with it in warm weather, but even in freezing temps it will last about 1/2. I just bring one extra battery with me.

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