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Replacement Battery: Suitable for A99, A77 II, A68 and more

Ansmann Sony NP-FM500H Digital Camera Battery

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Ansmann Sony NP-FM500H Digital Camera Battery

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Replacement Battery

Ansmann Sony NP-FM500 Battery

Synonymous with German quality and reliability this Ansmann branded Li-Ion digital camera battery is a cost effective and reliable alternative to the Sony NP-FM500 original battery pack.

Specifically designed to replace the Sony NP-FM500, this high performance Li-Ion battery pack also features built-in circuit protection for added safety.

Specifications: 7.4 V / 1500mAh / 11.1 Wh

Fits the following Sony cameras:

  • A200
  • A300
  • A350
  • A450
  • A500
  • A550
  • A560
  • A580
  • A700
  • A850
  • A900
  • A57
  • A58
  • A68
  • A77
  • A77 II
  • A99

Please Note: The compatibility list may not be exhaustive. This battery requires charging before use.

Product Reviews

Compact, No surprises
B&H Photo

I only use the factory battery for my Sony cameras. I tried another brand and it wasn't good, waste of money. Off-brands don't hold a charge nearly as long, don't show an accurate percentage of power like the factory brand does, and their performance is sketchy.


Perfect match to the existing battery, works Great

B&H Photo

Not much to say about a battery as long as it works. Previous Sony batteries worked well with long life, albeit pricy. I went with the Sony battery again after cheaping out with a much less expensive off brand, that quit charging after a very short life on a trip. Indeed you get what you pay for.


Needs just a little more capacity.

B&H Photo

excellent battery,and lasts a long time on my Sony A77ii. I can all day with it in warm weather, but even in freezing temps it will last about 1/2. I just bring one extra battery with me.


I was surprised the battery last quite long. I took about 400 photoes plus about 10 minutes on average movies and the battery still was showing 75%-80% charge left. More then enough for me. The Camera is Sony SLT65V. Quite happy with its performance

B&H Photo

I bought this battery because my new Sony A99II would not work with old batteries. Everything works perfect with the new batteries.

B&H Photo

Charged up and works exactly like the 10 year old batteries they replaced.


Discharges very fast. The battery does not appear to be genuine item. Since this is known only after opening the packet and using it, I could not return it. Behaviour is totally unlike the original battery ( which is same part no.) works very well. Will still like to return if acceptable.


Battery not getting charge 100% only 78% charge showing up and down percentage local product not satisfied with performance

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