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The SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Contemporary is to achieve a light-weight and compact construction for higher usability with similar specifications

Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM CONTEMPORARY Lens (Canon EF Fit)


  • Lens is suitable for: Canon EOS APS-C (EF-S) & Full Frame (EF)
  • Fitting: Canon EF/EFs
  • ZOOM
  • Telephoto ZOOM
  • Super Telephoto ZOOM
  • Filter Size: 95mm
  • Lens/Image Stabilisation: Yes

Product code: 224042 (0085126745547 )

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Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM CONTEMPORARY Lens (Canon EF Fit)


RRP £1,099 (SAVE £250.00)

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Product Details

Designed for the upmost in portability.

  • EF-Mount Lens/Full-Frame Format
  • Aperture Range: f/5 to f/22
  • One FLD Element, Three SLD Elements
  • Super Multi-Layer Coating
  • Hyper Sonic Motor AF System
  • OS Image Stabilization
  • Removable, Rotating Tripod Collar
  • Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm
  • Splash and Dust Proof Mount
  • Compatible with Sigma USB Dock

On the one hand, the product concept of the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports is to achieve the best optical and action-capture performance to meet the requirements of professional photographers. On the other hand, that of the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Contemporary is to achieve a light-weight and compact construction for higher usability with similar specifications.

It has put a special emphasis on its optical performance by incorporation of 1 FLD and 3 SLD glass elements, optimisation of the lens power distribution and minimised chromatic aberration of magnification. What matters most with a hyper-telephoto zoom lens is the image quality at the telephoto-end, and this offers brilliant performance. In addition, distortion throughout the entire focal range is well compensated. In order to make it as a hyper-telephoto zoom lens mobile enough for handheld shooting in the field, it is dust and splash-proof and incorporates a detachable tripod socket for higher usability.

By incorporating excellent optical glass elements, it minimises chromatic aberration and achieves class leading image quality.

This lens incorporates 1 FLD (“F” Low Dispersion) glass element, which has performance equal to fluorite, and 3 SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements to compensate for colour aberration at the utmost. Chromatic aberration in particular, which could be visible especially towards the telephoto-end even when stopped down, is corrected by the optimized design of glass elements including the FLD lens.

Light-weight and compact construction for higher usability

Compared to the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports, it is more compact and light-weight, enabling easy handling and making it possible to do handheld photography for a longer period of time. The tripod socket is detachable so that the lens can be carried by itself. Without the tripod socket, it also fits well into limited space for storage. Moreover, the tripod socket is made of magnesium which is light and strong at the same time.

The dedicated strap to attach to the tripod socket is available for easy handling when the lens is attached to a camera. If you carry the lens with your camera using only the camera neck strap, it may affect the mount of the lens. For hyper-telephoto lenses, a dedicated strap is usually available as a standard feature to attach to the lens rather than the camera body.

Zoom lock switch can be set at any focal length

The new zoom lock switch enables the zoom ring to be locked at any focal length. It can be fixed at the photographer’s desirable focal length, which allows stable shooting whether the lens is positioned upward or downward. It also helps during long exposure photography.

Water and oil-repellent coating ensures a pleasant photography experience

Forefront lenses incorporate a water and oil-repellent coating that allows water to be wiped away easily and prevents oil and fat from sticking to the surface, even in challenging shooting conditions. At the same time, the maintenance of the lens surface becomes easier.

Dust-proof and splash-proof mount

As with the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM from the Sports line, the lens mount incorporates rubber sealing to protect the mount part from dust and water drops.

Accelerometer enables panning photography both in vertical and horizontal position

The OS (Optical Stabilizer) function using an accelerometer has been incorporated to ensure high accuracy. OS Mode 1 is suitable for general photography and Mode 2 is ideal for panning shooting for motor sports etc. With Mode 2, the accelerometer works effectively to minimise blur while shooting by detecting whether the camera is positioned vertically or horizontally.

Quieter and Faster “Optimised AF”

The HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor) ensures high speed and quiet AF. With the further enhanced AF algorithm compared to previous models, continuous AF (AF-C) improves the focusing efficiency by approximately 5%.

Manual override incorporated to make two full-time manual modes switchable.

In addition to AF/MF, MO (Manual Override) is incorporated as one of the options of the focus mode switch. By setting it to the MO position, it switches to manual focus by rotating the focus ring even during continuous AF. With AF position, standard full-time manual focus is available. Using the optional SIGMA USB DOCK, it is possible to adjust the MO position’s sensitivity to switch to manual focus.

Product Reviews

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Sharp focus, Durable, Quick focus, Image quality, Strong construction

When you start comparing the list of pros and cons of the Sigma tested here and its immediate rival, the Tamron SP 150–600 mm f/5–6.3 Di VC USD, you find out they are by and large identical. Indeed you deal with almost twins, with the same parameters, price and performance.

Photography BLOG

The Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary lens offers very similar image quality to the Sports version at a cheaper price, whilst being much lighter and therefore more suitable for hand-holding, although it doens't feature the same level of weather-proofing.


With this lens, Sigma have created a lens that not only performs well, but that offers excellent value for money when compared to other alternatives that are available. The performance of this lens is quite surprising, especially when compared to the more expensive 'Sports' variant, which costs...

Practical Photography

This lens from Sigma’s Contemporary range is lighter and more compact than the Sports version, and is more affordable too. It’s available for Nikon, Canon and Sigma bodies and works with both full-frame and APS-C DSLRs.

PC Magazine

The Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary offers incredible telephoto reach, fast focusing, and solid image stabilization at a reasonable price.

Camera Decision

Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM C is an Auto Focus (AF) Super Telephoto Zoom lens with 35mm FF max sensor coverage and it is designed to be used with Canon EF mount cameras. Lenses in Canon EF Mount with Same Focal and Aperture Range Model Coverage Weight Focusing Street Price Tamron SP 150-600mm...

Photography Life

The new 150-600mm lenses from Tamron and Sigma have helped change the landscape for budget-friendly super-telephoto lenses. If in the past we were pretty much stuck with the native 400mm focal length, third party manufacturers pushed that envelope by another 200mm, making 600mm – something that was...

The Digital Picture

Looking for a lens that will bring your subjects in close without spending a huge sum of money? Want to be able to carry long focal lengths for long periods of time without significant fatigue? This lens may have your name on it.


While it may not be obvious from the charts, the Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary surprised us in a positive way - at least when taking its comparatively low price tag into account. Yhe lens is generally capable of delivering a good to very good quality in the image center.

Digital Camera World

The Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM | C packs monster reach into a fairly lightweight package...

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Wex Photo Video

Fantastic lens for bird photography coupled to my 70D it's perfect, big enough to get really nice close up shots but light enough to carry and not need a tripod, I also got the dock for it so I could customise the lens and update software


I do a lot of wildlife photography and shoot small birds so it needs to be fast I use with the canon 90d and have no complaints

Wilkinson Cameras

Being in the midst of lockdown ive not had much opportunity to put the lens to much use. Howeber the results ive had with the short use ive had are very good. Its a beast of a lens and not for the feint hearted to hold. 10/10. Cant wait to use it on my usual motorsport and avaiation subject matter.

Harrison Cameras

This lens is amazing quality and great value. Image definition is that of a much more expensive lens. Even at full aperture and maximum zoom it delivers great results. No tripod needed so far. Only downside is the weight, but that is clear in the product description.


I bought this a a few days ago, and I have used it doing wildlife and aircraft photography. The results are stunning. I was weighing up whether to get this, or the Canon 100-400mm L lens. I'm so glad I bought this. The sharpness of the photos are on par with the canon L series.

Castle Cameras

very happy so far with this lens , have only used the 1.4 converter once as I am getting pretty good clear shots without it so far. great lens for a reasonable price when you look at other lenses on the market


I have been very surprised at the quality of the pictures taken so far. I have used the lens handheld and on a tripod It's focusing has been very quick even in fairly poor light Most of the pictures I have made are of Sparrows in the garden at ISO 1800 to 4000 and shutter speeds of no higher than...

A fine high value zoom lens. Stabilisation was a problem until I used the Sigma dock and put the OS into the Dynamic mode setting - magic, then it's as good as most Canons' IS. I would assess the Sigma 150-600 C OS benefit as 3.5 stops.

Clifton Cameras
UK Digital

Build quality is superb, and image quality is excellent. It is much sharper than the Tamron 150-600mm which I have subsequently sold, as the Sigma is clearly a better lens than the Tamron in every way, most importantly in outright image quality.

The Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary Len's (Canon EF Fit) is an amazing piece of kit for anyone who wants to get in to Wildlife photography. I have no problems with it at all and I've taken some amazing shots with it. I got a cover for it as it's not waterproof, I didn't want people thinking that I was taking photos in a swimming pool if the water penetrated the lens casing. Overall I'd give the Lens 10/10 and its cheaper than Canon Len's.

Many thanks love this lens now I can get closer to wildlife without me getting too close.

This lens is, without a doubt, the best long zoom I have ever owned. The images are very sharp, especially for a zoom. The stabiliser is effective and means hand-holding is a real possibility even at the longest focal length. Yes, it's heavy but it's metal and built like a tank! I don't feel I have to be over careful with it and I'm sure it'll take a few knocks with no problems. I particularly like the zoom lock which prevents the zoom from slipping under its own weight if it's pointing up or down. I use it on a Canon 5D mk111 and an Olympus OMD EM-1 mk11 with a metabones adaptor.

Overall, very impressed with this lens. Image quality is very good and the autofocus works well, even at full focal length and is very quick and reasonably quiet. Images maintain a good level of sharpness across the range and I have had no issues with serious vignetting when using a camera with an APS-C sensor. The lens is not so heavy that it’s awkward to use handheld but is not so light that it gives the impression it has a lower build quality, it feels right about where it should be. The Sports version of this lens has a much heavier construction and does not, in my opinion, have much of an increase in overall performance, when considering the large price jump. Most of this lens is aluminium/magnesium with plastic and rubberised plastic over-moulding. The autofocus modes are very useful. Having a choice of full manual, full auto and manual override is very nice. Whereby manual override uses auto but allows you to use the focus ring without having to switch to full manual or risk damaging the motor by forgetting to do so! The focus ring itself also feels well-made and has a good amount of resistance to it, meaning you are able to maintain a good level of accuracy when rotating it. The Optical Stabiliser has a few modes as well. You can choose between modes 1, 2 and OFF. In mode 1 you get full OS useful for general handheld shooting while mode 2 offers intelligent OS for shooting that requires panning, whether it’s horizontal, vertical or diagonal as the lens uses a built in accelerometer to help adjust to your needs. I have found this very useful for capturing fast moving birds in flight. The focal length adjustment is well made and feels very smooth, the rubberised grip is great. The lens features a ‘focal lock’ which prevents the focal length from being changed once engaged. This is a very useful feature when using the lens on a tripod that is tilted up or down as it prevents the lens from changing focal length under its own weight. It can be locked at any of the given focal intervals marked on the lens body. When locked in any position other than 150mm, you are able to simply turn the focal length adjustment ring in either direction and it will disengage the lock without you needing to manually flip the switch first, which is a great feature. The previous model of this lens had a slightly larger tripod mount on the collar which had a nice sized handgrip that was useful for carrying. This newer model has a shortened grip which makes carrying by hand a little more uncomfortable, that is, if you’re not using the supplied strap to carry over your shoulder. Filters can be a little bit difficult to come by given the 95mm diameter but if you look around you will be able to find some good quality options.

A very good lens all-round quick accurate focussing and fairly easy to hand hold.The results so far are really good better than I expected.

Lovely feel to the lens in that it's beautifully engineered.Tried the lens on both of my Canon bodies to hopefully use for wildlife photography.When trying out and measuring it's autofocus accuracy I found it was backfocusing way outside what was alterable ( or +/- 20 ) because of this I had to return and obtain a refund.Gutted as I would love a copy that was adjustable or some help finding one of they exist.

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