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Sony PCK-LM16 Semi-Hard LCD Protector

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Product Details

LCD Protector for selected Sony Cameras

  • Protect your LCD screen from smears and scratches - Semi-hard sheet safeguards your camera’s all-important LCD screen against scratches, cracks and fingerprint smudges
  • Pressure sensitive for touchscreen use - The protective screen is designed for use with the touchscreen so you’ll have settings and controls at your fingertips
  • Get a clear view of the screen - The protective screen is transparent and only a few millimetres thick so you won’t miss a detail when composing a shot
  • Quick and easy peel-off design - The screen protector is easy to attach and remove, so you can put it on when the shooting gets tough

Suitable for the following models:

  • A7R
  • A7s
  • A7

Product Reviews

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For me installing screen protectors its not my forte. But with this one it was a joy. Installed on my A7S in a second. Perfect fit. Man that was easy. I was wondering why Sony's not making one for the a6500. Tried one from expert shield and it was a mess. So very happy with the product

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I had purchased the really cheap knock-off of this. They do not align as well as the Sony version.

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It's a nice thick protector. I like that there's only adhesive on the outer edges, so none ever touches the camera screen. I had to reposition it after the first install attempt, and the adhesive was instantly less tacky.

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Good fit and durable OEM product however its too reflective resulting in a low contrast image. Also a fingerprint magnet... I would recommend Micro Solutions Inc. of Japan screen protectors instead, much better.

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It's a perfect fit, but SONY is upside down. Just like someone else commented on. I'll keep it. Not worth buying a more expensive screen.

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The perfect replacement of the original Sony screen protector. It takes some patients to take off the old screen protector, but the new piece make the camera as beautiful as when it was bought.

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Perfect fit for my Sony A7S !

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Doesn't fit my Sony A7 Screen it's too small

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Very helpful at keeping the screen safe (I scratched mine screen by accident).

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I bought it to extend the life of my screen and protect it from accidental scratches. It was easy to put on and stays on.

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