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Velbon Tripod Case 600


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Velbon Tripod Case 600


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Fits: Tripods up to 66cm long

Carry your tripod with ease and comfort

Black tripod case with zip opening and shoulder strap.

Makes carrying your tripod much more comfortable.

Product Reviews


After many years after being a reprographics techniques specialist inmy post college days I have got back into trying to start serious photography again. I purchased a good starter DSLR, a Nikon D3300 and I wanted a basic tripod. So I purchased a Velbon tripod at a good starter price. Its well made and quite lightweight but it came with out a carry bag. So I made enquiries if the Velbon 600 Tripod case would fit. I was told correctly that it would fit. And indeed it does perfectly. I knew it did not have any padding, but being an old exmilitatary man, I am not going to beusing itin a war zone and its not going to be thrown about in the back of a vehicle and I knew its not waterproof. Butwith a bubble wrap coating held by strong elastic bands and a liberal spray of a well known waterproofer, it will face quite testing conditions adequately.

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