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"A Billingham isn't about nostalgia or tradition and it is much more than just a desirable object. It is about wanting and expecting the best protection for your camera and equipment, giving you comfort and peace of mind. Billinghams are unlike any other bags and the way they are designed and made is key to their unique character.

We have already highlighted how important quality and detail are to us, so it will come as no surprise for you to learn that there are typically more than one hundred individual components in a Billingham bag – the majority of which are custom-made by us or for us.

Where did this all start? In England where we make all our bags. When did it start? 1973. A long history but we never stop innovating to create the best camera bags and photographic rucksacks for you."

What others have said from around the world...

"The best bags for street shooting, equally useful as a carry on, especially as they look smart and not like normal camera bags. I have been using Billingham products for decades now - this is the fifth bag I have purchased - and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

I was using a Hadley Small, but needed something bigger that would accommodate a DSLR from time to time, so I purchased the Hadley Pro, which fits the bill perfectly, both for a full mirrorless kit, or a DSLR with a couple of lenses."

Jayandan, USA

"This is without doubt the best camera bag I have ever owned. Like many photographers I've bought far too many bags over the years but the Hadley beats them all. I went for a while without using it because my kit grew too large however I have recently switch entirely to micro four thirds and now everything fits in this bag and I use it all the time"

Photo Pete, West Midlands



We are happy to take most photographic equipment for either a Cash Buy or Part-Exchange.  We even take in equipment that other retailers will refuse.  Tell us what you have by clicking here.

We use a standard guide to explain the condition of our used products. If you would prefer a more detailed description, please feel free to call us and we’ll chat through it with you over the phone.

Rest assured that we do take care of our used equipment. All items are operationally checked, are in good working order and, of course, are covered by our Peace of Mind guarantee.

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