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Vaonis Hestia Premium Bundle


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Vaonis Hestia Premium Bundle



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Product Details

Vaonis Hestia Premium Pack

The Vaonis Hestia smart telescope has been designed to bring you closer to the mysteries of the universe. The cutting-edge technology pairs with your smartphone to allow you to capture enchanting images of the night sky, without the need for a complex setup or extensive knowledge of astronomy. This easy-to-use smartphone-based telescope gives anyone access to the stars. The Premium pack contains the Hestia Solar filter to allow you to observe the sun.

Impressive Optical Design

The Hestia has been created with a patented six-lens optical design which features a 30mm objective and prisms, all working in sync to focus the light directly into your smartphone’s camera sensor. All this in an incredibly compact design.


A removable magnet system has been introduced in the Hestia to allow for all sizes of current and future smartphones to fit perfectly into the Hetsia. The optical design of the Hestia does not rely on electronics at its core, meaning there is no need for a battery. Capture and record images and videos of the universe for as long as your smartphone allows.

Add A Solar Filter

The addition of Hestia’s sola filter enables you to monitor the sun, track sunspots and to allow you to build your understanding of the sun’s behaviour and its impact on space weather and our planet.

Easy To Use

The Vaonis Hestia is quick and easy to set up and start using almost immediately, attach the Hestia to its tripod and align your smartphone's camera with Hestia’s ocular. Pick the destination you wish to observe and the simple app will help guide you to find it.

Assist Your Space Adventures 

The Hestia app has been designed along with the smart telescope to assist in guiding you to the stars with ease. Simply place your smartphone on the Vaonis Hestia and follow the lights to align your telescope.

High-Quality Images

Create stunning images thanks to Hestia’s image processing algorithms, which combine and align multiple short-exposure images into a single high-quality photograph.

What’s in the box

  • Hestia Smart Telescope 
  • Standard Tripod
  • Solar Filter
  • Hard Case

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