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Choosing the right camera case is a very personal decision.  Not only do you want to protect the camera and your lens when you go out and about, but you need to be comfortable when you carry them. Picking the right size and style is also important. You may even decide that two bags are the best option, one for all you kit and a smaller one for just the selected items for that trip.

Whether you want a Camera Backpack, Shoulder Bag, a bespoke case specifically for your camera, lens and or tripod, or just to protect it from the elements when you’re outside, we’ve got you covered (pun definitely intended). With trustworthy names such as Benro, Billingham, Canon, Case Logic, Crumpler, Lowepro, Op/Tech, Peak Design, Tamrac, Tenba, Vanguard, Thule and more, there is a camera bag here that will be perfect for you and you’ll enjoy choosing one.

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