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CameraWorld teams up with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup


CameraWorld is happy to announce that it has partnered with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup; one of the world’s leading independent ocean cleanup foundations; powering thousands of ambassadors around the globe to remove rubbish from our oceans

An issue close to the heart of many of our team especially our founders & directors Jason & Tony, we are proud to be a part of the Big Blue Ocean Clean Up.


Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is determined to ensure that our oceans can thrive, for generations to come.

Based at their headquarters at University of Plymouth’s Tremough Innovation Centre in Penryn, Cornwall, they envision healthy oceans in which humanity is forever committed to caring for and appreciating our blue planet, our global marine biodiversity, for the long-term benefit of people and all life on Earth.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is committed to reducing the impact our non-profit operations has on the environment. We achieve this through measuring and reducing our CO2 emissions to net zero through a combination of internal and external reduction initiatives.

For every one tonne of unavoidable CO2 we produce, we pay for one tonne to be saved by a validated emission reduction project that has met international standards.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup's ambassador network runs coastal cleanups all over the world. We support thousands of ambassadors with the equipment needed to keep the places we love clean. Our Coastal Cleanup program provides a fun and easy way to volunteer and engage with our mission to protect our oceans and marine wildlife.

Volunteers of all ages, local community groups, visitors, clubs, local and corporate businesses around the world contribute to the success of our Coastal Cleaning Programme and are vital to keep our beaches and coastline clean.

Every year hundreds of thousands of volunteers comb the beaches and coastlines around the world for rubbish. Coastal cleaning can be entirely rewarding, because you’re consciously helping to protect our natural environment as well as your local area, and they can be a great opportunity to meet new friends. 


If you would you like to donate, please click here

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