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Challenge 1

Keep the kids entertained and introduce them to the wonderful world of photography! Start off with our photographic scavenger hunt! This is a great activity to get your little darlings running their way through their daily exercise without a single moan! People of any age and ability can join this activity on any device just get creative and challenge participants to think of interesting angles, tight framing & lighting. Please post your collection and tag #cameraworlduk on social media.

1: fence
2: something in the park
3: something red
4: contrast (texture/colour/light)
5: motion
6: expression
7: feet
8: stone
9: wildlife
10: water

Challenge 2

We loved seeing some of the responses to our first home school challenge and hope you are ready for challenge number 2!

For this challenge you need a stack of old magazines/newspapers/scrap paper, some PVA glue (or mix flour and water into a DIY glue) and an iconic image you want to turn into a collage. 

1: Sketch or trace the image outline onto a plain piece of paper.
2: Create strong shapes within the outline and identify the key colours
3: Find the key colours in magazines - easier to sort into bowls of different colours needed but may be hard to slow them down enough to do this!
4: Stick small pieces of the colours onto your image to build your image!
5: Share your work with everyone on social media and tag #cameraworlduk




Challenge 3

This challenge can be done either inside or when you take your daily exercise outside - it's entirely up to you. Simply photograph and create a montage of the alphabet! ⠀

Sounds easy right? For most letters yes, but make it as interesting as you can. ⠀

Each letter can be as literal or as abstract as you like, some letters are easier than other. Can get a bit tricky with less common letters like 'Q' but you could photograph something that represent 'quick'. ⠀

Share your work with everyone and don't forget to tag #cameraworlduk on social media so that we can see how you've got on.





Challenge 4

Home school Challenge #4 is a great one to do when you are on your daily exercise, especially to keep any reluctant walkers in your group going! ⠀

Take your phones, tablets or cameras with you and see just how many colours you can capture in nature!⠀

Whilst you are looking it is a great opportunity to talk about the effect of light and different textures in nature or even to discuss the problems of littering!

Share your work with everyone and don't forget to tag #cameraworlduk on social media so that we can see how you've got on.





Challenge 5

Challenge #5 is inspired by French photographer @Samsofy  who creates mini lego adventures with the right mix of quirky and funny. Take a look at some more examples and see if you can come up with your own mini adventures!⠀⠀

Don't forget to tag #cameraworlduk with all your creations as we'd love to see them!⠀








Challenge 6

Challenge #6 is all about the lockdown. We want your submissions on an image that represents what lockdown means to you. Perhaps you've learnt something new or got closer with your loved ones. 

All you have to do is submit your images to [email protected] with a brief message to explain the image.











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