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If you have deleted a photo that you actually wanted to keep, or discovered that your entire collection of snaps from your 'once-in-a-lifetime' holiday have suddenly disappeared, then help is at hand.

Using the latest software, we can rescue those precious images.

Just drop the card in to one of our stores, have a chat with our expert staff, and we'll work tirelessly to retrieve those lost moments.

We'll back everything up on to a DVD so that you can share, email, put on to Instagram all your favourite pictures, and even offer you a short report of what was recovered.

And if we can't, then you don't pay.

What do I do?

  • >The first thing is, don't panic and don't start pressing random buttons on your camera in the hope that it will be sorted.

  • >Next, get another card.  If the card you're using has developed a fault, or your have inadvertantly 'formatted' your card, take that card out of the camera and do not use it until we have been able to assess it.

  • >Then, when you're home or near one of our shops, come and see us.  We will work tirelessly to try to recover those lost cherishable moments.

For more information, come in to one of our stores, or call us on 020 7636 5005 or 01245 255510

Disclaimer: Whilst it is not always possible to recover selected images, our software will recover everything on the card that is possible and in no order.  RAW Files may not be recovered and video files are not guaranteed.  Please allow at least 24hours for the full recovery to take place.