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Canon RF3 EOS Body Cap

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Replacement Cap for Canon EOS Digital & Film Bodies

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If you need one, you need it badly to save the sensor from dirt. I would rather have the same-brand cap because I know it will be a tight fit and keep the sensor as clean as possible.

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I personally think it's worth the investment to have an extra body cap on hand when shooting. You never know when one of these might slip out somewhere if you're running around out in the field.

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Bought to pair this with the camera cap (body) so they go together, while most of us already know this trick, I wanted an extra set so one was in my most used camera bags since it seems I'm always digging around looking for one set when changing out lenses.

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Keeping your lenses clean is essential to quality still and video production. This cap has kept all of my Canon & Adapted Nikon's clean. It's worth getting spares.

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I actually bought this to screw into my BMCC and was surprised it actually worked #sweepstakes



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canon is dabomb dot com

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I always carry a spare rear lens cap and a spare body cap in each bag or pouch I own, since I usually store lenses and bodies separately. I hope to never need to use this cap; if I do it will more than pay for itself with the protection it provides. The cheapest insurance one can buy.

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Just like it should

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Real Canon Product

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Canon RF3 EOS Body Cap


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