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Founded in 1976 by Jim Domke, Domke Camera Bags are a brand of bags that have stood the test of time and are respected around the world.  

Launched with the F2 which is still manufactured today and was the very first soft camera bag in the world, Domke bags are the prefered brand for photojournalists all over the globe and has sold over 1 million bags.

What is it that makes a Domke bag so special? To answer this question it helps to get a handle on the basic idea that inspired Jim Domke to create the original Domke bag in the first place– a simple but profound concept that’s embodied in every single Domke bag ever made.

That’s why we asked Jim Domke himself to tell you the remarkable story behind the legendary camera bags that bear his name, and he graciously agreed. It is a fascinating tale of daring and adventure that combines creative genius, hard work, unlikely circumstances, perfect timing, and phenomenally good luck.

To read Jim's story, click here.