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Buy the Sony AGR1 Grip attachment for the Cybershot RX100 & RX100 MKII for just £12.

Sony AG-R2 Grip for RX100-Series


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Sony AG-R2 Grip for RX100-Series



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Product Details

More stability for your shots

Essential grip attachment designed for Cyber-shot™ RX100, RX100 II, RX100 III AND RX100 IV cameras. makes the handling of the camera so much nicer!

  • Take a firm hold of your camera - keep everything still and capture shots with less shake and more detail
  • Shoot single-handed - with a more secure grip, you’ll find it easier to take photos with one hand including spur-of-the-moment self portraits
  • Made to match your camera - designed in black to complement your camera for a totally integrated look
  • Attaches in seconds - simply remove the protective paper, align with your camera and press for a secure, stable fit
  • Resists marks and scratches - made from a hard-wearing elastomer and polycarbonate-like material to handle everyday wear and tear

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