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Replacement Battery: Suitable for RX100-Series, RX1-series, HX90, HX400 and more

Sony NP-BX1 Battery

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Product Details

Replacement Battery

  • InfoLITHIUM™ Type X battery
  • Approx. capacity: 3.6V / 4.5Wh (1240mAh)
  • Energy efficient, high capacity design
  • Shoot for longer with your Cyber-shot™ camera
  • Slim and light

Suitable for the following cameras:

  • H400
  • HX300
  • HX400V
  • HX50
  • HX50B
  • HX60
  • HX60V
  • RX1
  • RX1R
  • RX1R II
  • RX100
  • RX100 II
  • RX100 III
  • RX100 IV
  • RX100 V
  • WX300
  • WX350
  • AS15

Product Reviews

Charges quickly, Good value for money, Long-lasting, Lightweight, Easy to install

he comparado una nueva cámara Sony y viene con este tipo de baterías. Acostumbrada a la cámara y baterías Canon, en comparación esta dura un poco más que la mitad (o sea tomando fotos en un pase, ni medio día!).


This is just a regular, battery nothing special.(I use it when the other one runs out to maximise the time I get using my camera.


I never buy grey market batteries so this is a nice addition to my Action Cam kit. Good battery life for the camera and nice and small to keep in your bag. They are a little bit expensive for my liking but it's better than having your battery destroy your camera, I guess.


Size and performance are of great. My camera (sony rx100 m5) is the best


Don't get me wrong, this battery lasts a while - the issue I have is that there is no "InfoLithium" feature like on the previous battery series that I have used (G series), nor does Sony make a model that does.


This, the Sony NP-BX1, is the very best quality, Sony dedicated battery for Sony digicams, very long life and short recharge times make it an exceptional value, and I bought several of them. -- ron

B&H Photo

I bought this battery as a backup for my Sony Cybershot RX100 VA. It does what its supposed to. From my experiences, Sony batteries hold their charge through repeated use. If I ever plan to get a Sony RX1R series camera (hopefully a Mark III comes out sooner than later), itll most likely use this...


Stick with Sony's batteries. The off-brands can be very poor quality (good luck figuring out which ones are better than the others). Stick with Sony.

B&H Photo

Bite the bullet, buy the real thing! I have tried several of the substitutes and none of them compare with the OEM battery from Sony both from how long the battery lasts in the camera and also the overall life.

B&H Photo

Using with my Sony RX100 V it lasts most of the day with moderate use of still photography. I recommend having a spare though. For 4K video is burns through in about 20 minutes of setup and shooting combined. For video I would recommend at least 3 spares.

Always a good idea to have spare batteries to hand. Great value from CameraWorld!

Genuine European Spec Sony NP-BX1 Battery (same as supplied with new UK Camera) at best possible price.

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