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Replacement Battery: Suitable for A7-series, RX10-Series, A6000, A6300, A5000, A5100 and more

Sony NP-FW50 Battery

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Product Details

Replacement Battery

  • InfoLITHIUM™ battery
  • Energy efficient, high capacity design

Suitable for the following cameras:

  • A3000
  • A33
  • A35
  • A37
  • A5000
  • A5100
  • A55
  • A6000
  • A6300
  • A6500
  • A65
  • A7
  • A7 II
  • A7R
  • A74 II
  • A7S
  • A7S II
  • RX10
  • RX10 II
  • RX10 III
  • NEX-3
  • NEX-5
  • HEX-5N
  • NEX-5R
  • NEX-6
  • NEX-7
  • NEX-3
  • NEX-3N
  • NEX-5T
  • NEX-F3

Product Reviews

B&H Photo

I like these batteries (this is my third) as I tend to go out for day trip to do photography as well as video. I usually could get by with 2 batteries, but have a third is nice just in case the one in camera was not fully charged.


I received my new battery a short time ago. since then I have run it down several times and charged it up each time. it works great as I expected it would. I have used these batteries before and they always lasted a long time. You can go cheaper, but the cheaper ones never last as long.


Pros: Holds charge, Accurate Cons: High MSRP Other thoughts: Finally, someone sells Sony InfoLithium batteries at a reasonable price. Highly accurate battery gauges in-camera.

B&H Photo

I just bought a used Sony A7ii. The supplied battery drained a little too fast, so I went with a Sony replacement. This battery is great and worked well on my 8 day photo trip to a national park.


Purchased this to go with my Sony a6300. I keep three batteries charged, one in camera. went to this system to try and lose some weight by leaving my Nikons at home when traveling. so far so good. Hard to get used to such a small system, but the photos are excellent so far.

B&H Photo

I,ve bought and used other brands but the sony in my sony a7 still seems to last the longest Some of the other larger ma capacity batteries seem to loose power after a day of sitting on the shelf. The sony battery has not done this.


I purchased an additional battery for my Sony a6000 in case I needed power for an extended shoot. I highly recommend purchasing this battery since it is made by Sony and matches that factory battery in the Sony a6000.

B&H Photo

What a battery! Of all the batteries I've owned in my 74 years of owning batteries, I have to say, unequivocally, that this is the best battery I've ever owned. There just aren't enough words to express the love and adoration I have for my NP-FW50 battery. Too emotional to say any more.


The Sony a6000 goes through batteries very quickly. You should have at least one fully-loaded spare on you when you go out shooting pictures. This is a top-notch battery.

B&H Photo

This is a great battery, although pricey. Sony mirrorless cameras eat up batteries so you need at least one backup when you go out shooting. This battery fills the bill.

Not a cheap substitute that could effect the operation of the camera. Very pleased!

As per the original. It's a battery, what more can I say to keep the word counter on this review happy.

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