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Sony RM-VPR1 Remote Control

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Product Details

Remote commander with shutter release, record start/stop, zoom and shutter lock

  • Shoot smooth videos - Start/stop video recording or control zoom from the handy remote without accidentally shaking the camera or camcorder
  • Get better macro photographs - Steady, vibration-free shutter release makes all the difference when you need to keep the camera really still for close-up photography
  • Stay steady in the dark - The shutter lock function lets you keep the camera shutter open without vibration for beautiful night-time scenes and other long exposures
  • Keep close control at your fingertips - Easily clip the remote to your camera or camcorder’s tripod for handy operation
  • Made for Multi Terminal cameras or camcorders - The remote commander works with NEX, SLT and Cyber-shot™ cameras and Handycam® camcorders with a Multi Terminal*
  • Use as a shutter release for A-mount cameras - The remote can be used as a handy shutter release for A-mount cameras without a Multi terminal.

Compatible with the following cameras:

  • DSC-RX1R
  • DSC-RX10
  • DSC-RX100 Mk II
  • DSC-HX300
  • DSC-HX50
  • DSLT-A58
  • NEX-3N

Product Reviews

Easy to use, Lightweight, Durable, Improves product function
B&H Photo

Make sure you get a remote that will work on the Sonya7iii and it does. Works like a charm for those shutters that need to be open longer than 30s. If you are just looking to use the function as a remote shutter and no need for longer shutter speeds than use cheaper versions.

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Fully compatible with Sony RX100 M5 and a Sony FDR-AX53 camcorder. Works perfectly with them. My only minor complaint is the jaws of the bracket to hold the remote opens too small to clamp to upper section of my tripod.

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The zoom buttons have two speeds, slow and fast depending on how hard you press. There is no in between these two speeds. Other than that it is perfect.

B&H Photo

I had a chance to try this out this weekend. It was easy to set up and easy to use. I was concerned because the instructions are small and hard to read. However, when I went to use it, it worked intuitively.

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This cord was brittle and broke while photographing in subzero temps. Perhaps that's to be expected. Other than that it worked fine.

B&H Photo

I dont have anything great to say about this remote besides that it affords me the opportunity to take some really long exposures. The wire that that connect the remote to the camera seems quite flimsy and it doesnt connect cleanly. I do anticipate the wire being damaged.

B&H Photo

Make starting and stopping on the Sony A6300 so easy.

B&H Photo

Worked once and not since then. Cannot get shutter release to work. Save your money

B&H Photo

First, I don't use a remote that often-- I am an enthusiast, not a pro. Even with infrequent use, these remotes are awful. I have bought several of them and not one has lasted a year.

B&H Photo

This compact remote control is powered from the camera, so now changing batteries! It easily clips to a tripod handle or stabilizer grip to give you a very smooth zoom control with no handling noise or shaking when using the zoom toggle on the camera.

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