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Second Hand Descriptions

Please make sure you describe your equipment as accurately as possible so we can offer you the best price possible. We expect to see original accessories such as the battery and charger and will reduce our valuation if these items are not included.

Please include as much information as you can such as "includes battery and charger" or "the camera is complete with the 18-55mm lens" and also if the item has any dents or marks. All this is really useful info and will speed up the process.

Here is a list of how we describe our used items so if you select one of these, it will give us a really good idea of what to expect.


  • The item looks almost brand new.
  • Digital cameras will have zero or a very low shutter count.
  • Minimal or non-existent cosmetic wear and tear.
  • Item is supplied with all essential accessories.


  • Cosmetic marks are very light.
  • Lenses may have very small signs of dust (not fungus).
  • Item is supplied with all essential accessories.
  • Digital cameras have an average shutter count.


  • Some signs of use such as a few scratches but no dents or scores, general wear
  • No fungus and minor dust in the optics
  • Item is supplied with all essential accessories.


  • Obvious signs of use with some marks, small dents and scratches, signs of wear and tear
  • No fungus and acceptable dust in the optics
  • Item is supplied with all essential accessories.


  • Heavy signs of use. This item has had a tough life.
  • Partially operational.
  • Has deep marks and clear signs of wear and tear.
  • Item shows signs of fungus or cloudiness or has been stored in a damp environment.
  • Digital cameras with unusually high shutter count.
  • Missing original essential accessories.

Please can you also supply any standard accessories such as batteries and chargers, body and lens caps, lens hoods, straps and that instruction manual that nobody reads.