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3 Legged Thing ELLIE Short L-Bracket (Grey)

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3 Legged Thing ELLIE Short L-Bracket (Grey)

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Key features:

  • Universal L-Bracket for smaller mirrorless and DSLR cameras
  • Choice of two screw mount slots for optimal positioning of the camera
  • Adjustable base length
  • Dual 1/4"-20 screw mounts on the vertical aspect
  • Precision engineered plate profiles for secure connection to your tripod head
  • Vertical aspect can be mounted downward to create a rocker mount for your tripod
  • Detachable release plate base can be used in isolation
  • Base slot for strap attachment

Included items:

Ellie Short Arca-Swiss compatible quick release L-Bracket with 70mm base
Stagsden Stainless Steel camera screw
Retaining bolts (2.5mm hex) for horizontal axis security
Dual-ended mini-tool with two hex keys for adjustment of vertical aspect and to secure stainless steel sliding rods into place
3 Legged Thing Ellie Short L Bracket - Grey

The Ellie Short features a shorter base plate of 70mm, making it perfect for smaller DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. The length of the bracket base can be adjusted thanks to 2 rigid stainless steel sliding bars which are then fixed into position by the user with the supplied tool. The rear edge of the base is sloped to better enable screen access. Plus, Ellie’s vertical aspect has an opening in one side, allowing users with L-shaped cable pins to connect accessories. This opening can be placed in one of four positions by inverting or reversing the vertical aspect.

Product Reviews


I bought the Ellie Short L-Bracket for my OM System / Olympus OM-1 after I saw a youtuber using one on his camera. I’ve always had a L-Bracket on my cameras and was disappointed that none were specifically available for the OM-1. However, I’m happy with the fit. The vertical part of the bracket (on the left in a landscape position) does slightly obstruct the movement of my flip-out screen but I don’t feel it’s a real problem. I have that section set with a gap between the bracket and the camera (1/2 cm) to get my fingers into the usb socket easier. In fact, I like this bracket enough that this is actually the second one I bought as I already got one for my first OM-1. I think that’s a good recommendation for this product. The bracket comes with a little tool for adjusting the bracket and it also comes with a little carry bag.

Very well made product, good design light weight and strong

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