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Quality, beauty, comfort and luxuriousness combined for these incredible camera straps for Mirrorless to Medium Format Cameras

4V LUSSO Camera Straps - Slim Dark Green/Cyan


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4V LUSSO Camera Straps - Slim Dark Green/Cyan


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The MEDIUM and SLIM LUSSO straps offer a distillate of the spectacular Tuscany “Cuoio Masters” old-school. The double “cuoio” layer construction, three layer enamels, hand painted edges and beautiful stitching are just unique. The scented Tuscany Cuoio will soften up. The more used the more beautiful it gets. The Ultra-Grip Slow-Memory pad makes them exceptionally comfortable.

The mission for the LUSSO LARGE straps is to replace the standard DSLR camera strap and to turn photo shooting into a fully enjoyable experience. The LUSSO LARGE straps provides all the benefits lacking in the OEM straps: great comfort, wide length adjustability, no-slip safety against dropping the camera. On top of the above, the quality and beauty that you and your camera deserve.

  • Ultra-Grip Technology lining for great safety durability and hygiene
  • Round Shaped Slow Memory Foam padding for an extraordinary comfort
  • Unmistakably scented Vegetable tanned original Tuscany “Cuoio”
  • Unique fully-stitched double cuoio layer construction
  • Beautifully detailed Hand painted edges
  • Twin metal buckle for length adjustment


  • BLACK CUOIO - BLACK STITCHING: The most classic version;
  • BROWN CUOIO - BROWN STITCHING: The most vintage colour version straps. The warmth of this leather shade is unique and inspiring;
  • DARK GREEN "WASH" LEATHER: The "washed" writable leather comes from a special process and makes these straps amazingly unique.


LUSSO MEDIUM straps are designed for small DSLR’s and for advanced mirrorless cameras when used with compact and medium lenses. LUSSO SLIM straps are a perfect complement to lightweight mirrorless cameras when used with pancake and small lenses. Thanks to the included optional quick release chord attachment, Lusso slim straps can also be attached to compact cameras.

LUSSO LARGE straps are designed for Medium Format, Professional and Medium DSLS’s and also for advanced mirrorless cameras when used with heavier lenses. Supplied with optional vintage style metal ring connectors with leather protectors.


LUSSO MEDIUM, SLIM and LARGE straps are designed to be comfortably carried both on the neck and across the shoulder. The double length adjustment is provided by two traditional buckles that can be set at a wide range of measures.


The padding features a unique thick rounded shape that, combined to the “Ultra-Grip Technology”, guarantees an unsurpassed comfort. Thanks to this exclusive design, it is the padding only in contact with our neck skin. The leather edges, less flexible and soft, never touch our neck skin. This design guarantees a perfect weight distribution and avoids any area of local pressure that may cause redness and irritation.


LUSSO straps combine the most prestigious techniques of Italian Leather manufacturing and are rich in beautiful details. All Tuscany Leather edges are carefully hand painted and beautifully stitched. The soft cotton tape is connected to the sliding buckle and camera connectors by means of Tuscany leather endings.


LUSSO leather straps are equipped with a unique safe and ergonomics padding. The lower surface is made of a special “Ultra-grip “ silicon based material that guarantees a great grip on any surface , under any condition and circumstance. The comfortable padding is made of a special close cells memory foam that guarantees consistent performances over time and more importantly doesn't absorbs moisture. This factor is extremely important for straps made of natural leather.


LUSSO straps are also available in a unique “distressed” leather. This leather goes through a special treatment that gift it with a unique “hand” and smoothness.

Due to the production process, we call this leather “washed”.

The beauty of this “washed” leather is in its ability to “record” our experiences on its surface and to make each strap unique. Any mark and scratch on its surface can magically disappear just by polishing the surface with our hands.


LUSSO LARGE straps are made in the famous Tuscany vegetable tanned leather. This beautiful skin is still produced today according to an ancient procedure of over 200 years, jealously handed down and guaranteed by a consortium dedicated to it. It has the distinction not only to convey all the warmth and the smell of real leather, but above all to become more beautiful and valuable with the use and passage of time.


4V Design straps feature a custom connection band based on our exclusive design. This 10 mm band is soft, comfortable, exceptionally strong and durable like no others. It is made of 100% polyamide and derives from military application bands. Its special design allows for a very high resistance to tear, wear and cut. The herringbone design makes much stronger stitched connections and the camera weight is distributed over a higher number of treads for increased durability. The band end is uniquely “folded & stitched”. This solution makes 4V straps much safer by preventing the band slipping out of the buckle accidentally. The sleek metal buckle is very compact, with rounded edges and easy to grab thanks to the ergonomic design.

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